Sunday, August 21, 2016


I am no analyst, no historian, no nothing, just small fry, but I do know a few things, understand others and feel much more.

1929 was the preset of WW2 that led to Hitler and the demise of Germany, as the last empire nation, which until today remains under the Allied boot. 2016 may very well lead to another crach and WW3. Russia allied with China and the neutrality of most of EU countries for fear to be caught too much in the middle is a formidable asset for the 'old-NWO' if engaged against the US, but.

On one side, the Anglo-Saxons that are the de facto PTB do not care by a whisker of America being devastated by a retaliatory assault, and on the other, Putin will hesitate to fire at the places on EU borders where Obama has set its missiles directed toward Russia. And if those missiles are equipped with low radiation emission warheads, to preserve EU as much as possible from a fallout, if those missiles I say are multiplied until each one reach a sensible destination, everything might be over in less than ten days, even five acccording to Merkel ...

China may shoot at America, together with Russia, 'They' do not care because America is already sacrified per 9/11 example.

I believe there will be no elections since both candidates are jokes and because Obama is the perfect chief of such an unprecedented event in history, a thinking zombie who hates everyone, blacks in particular, he is a perverted allah akhbar mulatto, a living Frankestein.

But who knows ? Not me for sure.

Charlie Chaplin, 1947, Monsieur Verdoux

uh ! & by the same token, Israel feast days may be over soon ...
"Where do US nuclear weapons travel from Turkey ?"

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