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I wrote in a precedent text that [Israeli]* Jews are the most brainwashed nation in the world. They are all evolving inside a sectarian mentality, from the extremes to the center. A blind faith in organized groups from Religious fanatism, exacerbated consumerism, political miracles as a solution for all ailments is the general behavior of all Jews in Israel.

Why God did brought havoc to Israel at the time of the Prophets ? Because of one and only one reason: they did not swear by Him anymore. They just forgot the first commandment that their God was to be the One who took them out of Egypt. No other reason. Yes, none at all !

They viewed God as a god among others. They still did the rituals prescribed by Moses but they together brought offerings to other gods (Bet El Golden Calf ... 2 Kings Chapter 17/16 "and they forsook all the commandments of the LORD their God, and made them molten images, even two calves, and made an Asherah, and worshipped all the host of heaven, and served Baal;"). They did not understand the difference between invented deities and a true God that cared for His people to the point of educating them as a father would do to his children.

But, that was at a time when idolatry was the norm. It did require a special soul to understand that there was a God Who is really God and not another human invention. At a time of magicians, false prophets and divination as a common ground of spiritual life, grasping the reality of a true God was at least a bit hard to guess.

Things have not changed a lot on the surface but for different reasons. Today, we are less enslaved by outside powers than by our own desire to succeed in our technological world. The idea of God is not related to superpowers or miracles anymore but with a kind of mind control to escape our slavery to our own civilization. Believing in God today has not a lot to do with conceptual Gods but rather to systems of beliefs or codes of conducts that appeal to our desire to escape the materiality of modern life.

In that sense, all religions are somehow equals since they all give ways to reach another dimension in day to day life for those that feel the burden of materiality. No matter what church, what cult, what priest for they all have something to offer to the desperate soul in the Apple world where all have to bite whether they want it or not. Following this attitude, all people in the world have rediscovered their old faiths with the exception of what looks too much like idolatry which the rationalized modern mind has rejected globally as charlatanism.
Arabs are still Muslims, Whites Christians, Hindus Buddhists but with a desire to reach the essence of each faith and not only stick to its appearance for those who truly want to believe. You can find the proof of this in the day today life where people with such faiths nowadays are well aware of what they believe in. They don't wait for miracles, they don't want a direct help from God but they are satisfied with the ability to put some of their soul on a path outside the technical world that does not fulfill their soul's desires. But what about Jews ?

Well, as I said at the beginning, Jews are immersed in a group mentality, not that much different of other nations at the present time. But, there is a tiny microscopic behavior that goes well beyond all they can believe in without even knowing its fabulous impact for what God's want of them. Only around a third of Israelis are considering themselves religious but what they do as religious people doesn't help at all because their religion is a billion years away from what it should be. Judaism as it is taught and practiced is no more than another cult on earth with deviant priest, no matter they call themselves Rabbis.

But, there is one little thing that all Israelis do, religious or not, every day or so, men, women and children alike, even without noticing it, is to say, sometimes many times a day: "Baruch Hachem" ("God be blessed"). And this simple word, well, two words but only the second is significant for the point, this simple word that they say as it seems without heart, without great praise, without a sense of blessing or reward, this simple word is in the ear of God the greatest proof that the time has come where [Israeli] Jews are believing in Him, in the end !

'Hashem' means 'The Name' that is in Hebrew God's Name and no other supernatural entity, no other god such as the ones Jews were swearing about at Biblical times without making any difference between them all. And the fact is there is an unconscious unity in Israel about those two words, which are also said in other forms but with the same meaning, referring exclusively to the God of Israel's forefathers.

Even if these words are said as a ritual with no meaning, as one would say 'sunny day', they actually refer to God and only God, and this is an incredible achievement at a state's level in our times when materiality has reached an all-time high, more than anything else, more than people know when they say it.

"And it shall come to pass, if they will diligently learn the ways of My people to swear by My name: 'As the LORD liveth,' even as they taught My people to swear by Baal; then shall they be built up in the midst of My people." Jeremiah , 12/16

There is a lot more to say about that verse of this Jeremiah's chapter but to conclude on that rather astounding matter, I'd say the secret of Israel's power today is not in its nuclear arsenal, neither in its alliance with the USA, which both anyhow are against against God's will, but in those two words that are said commonly without intent, without heart, but that are in an incredible way fulfilling a 3000 years old prophecy for the Jewish people to be kept alive.

Please understand me that I don't pretend saying "Baruch Hashem" is enough to make of Israel as it is a Jewish country. Far from that, Israel is light years away from being what it should however, the fundamental necessary condition is this one.

NB: It is said clearly in Jeremiah's text that those concerned are not directly of Jewish origin (!!!) meaning they are strangers for the greatest part of them as it is of the great majority of Ashkenazim who are no Jews at all ... "if they** will diligently learn the ways of My people".

I should've written Jewish-Israeli because one does not exist without the other; being Jewish is belonging to the Jewish Nation - Israeli, as being Indian was belonging to an Indian Nation, but an Israel respecting at least the first commandment: "I am your God who took you out of the enslavement of Egypt".

Ashkenazim !



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