Tuesday, October 15, 2013


It's been 14 years in a row that the Nobel prize of economy goes to an American. Actually, this year, there was three of them, and about which subject ? "Trend spotting". If it was not such a criminal irony, this would be laughable. America's grant to the world's economy is exactly what the Nobel's recipiary was about but on its darkest side for humanity. America is plunging the world into the abyss of debt, uncontrolled debt or, more accurately, as it is in all other societal components, a well devised controlled fall.

Following Bernard Madoff ponzi treachery, the FED and all other masters of the US mobey system have put their country, and humanity on the brink of a pending economic desaster that will make of the 1929 crash a pink memory whan it will unravel. As many are predicting, as Dave Hodges explains precisely in this article: "Three Statistics Which Spell Doom for America", the economical institutions of the USA have plunged the world in a monetary crisis that will turn it upside down by transforming money into a ghost bubble that, as the frog of the fable, is getting bigger and bigger until it will explode.

And what about the peace prize ? Ridding the world of chamical weapons ??? Yeah ! Nice treason too. The most killing chemicals are not on the battle field but on our plates, in the baby's bottle, in the fishes we fish, in the meat we give our children to have them become strong, in the maize that feed the world's poors as well as the animals thanks to the very same people that promoted the Nobel prize about ridding the army of those cousin's chemicals.

What else ? Why do we, the people, need a government for ? Maybe in order that, if by an unbelievable chance it did close, did it  ? - we would become lost and fight one another for food until we all live in a "Mad Max" world ???

To control the power of man over his fellow, governments are supposed to regulate the social order against the innate abuse of power of man, or groups of men, over other men, women & children. If this abuse of power still exist as it does despite, or thank's to the government's control, we can say that the government has been failing. In such cases, the government is responsible and should be modified, in its representation or in its laws, shouldn't it ! But wait, what revolutions have brought to us until today ? More and more tyranny, so, where is the truth ?

As Mr Hodges wisely states: "… any successful revolution against a tyrannical government will be won at the local level".

Yes, more than right … No other way ! Everyone must get involved, from shopping to the local farm until, well, whatever it takes. We must create our own reality outside the ‘Matrix’. That’s all is needed, and it is a fundamental need to be defended at all cost. By walking together on the same path, we can defeat everything, starve the oppressor from their power upon us. We must grow the roots of our own free world by helping one another on every level, locally. Don’t wait for the Messiah, not at the church, neither at the poll, nowhere !!! Great point, Dave !!

As long as man will put his trust in a representative body with unlimited powers, man will be failed by his own best will to be ruled with justice. Public or private, from governments or corporations, the power of a few will always mean oppression with the best intentions at the source. Understand me, I don't advocate for Anarchy but for a consensual agreement between people from the local level to the nation's board of managrement because it is evident we need a government but, everyone from the base should be the sole origin of the upper level rules. Everyone should receive for his work the ability to live a decent life without begging, being indebted or pressurized from any other being, private or public.

We have a long way to go to rethink how the world should be ruled, how the human society should work, how we, people should live ... and think, and whom to give our prizes of honnor. In some cases, as we still can assert from Lybia, Irak or Afghanistan to America, the tyranny of one is not worse than the tyranny of many. Ah, Etienne, Etienne De La Boetie !!!


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