Thursday, October 03, 2013


A good hunter is one who brings his prey on his own ground, or else, one who brings his prey to play by his own rules. A good hunter will chase his prey until it reaches the forest, or the bare land before engaging in the real fight. A good hunter will force his prey out of hiding and face him because he knows his arms are better than his.

America as a conquered nation is beginning to go mainstream but this is hardly news. Joseph Ehrlich wrote "Recapturing America" sixteen years ago. Different people have warn of conspiracies thirty, fifty years ago, and more. The nineteen century novelists, French (Feval, Dumas ...), English (Scott, Dickens ...) and American (Cooper) have brought this subject to the light too. In reality, anyone with open eyes has been able to find out that this conspiration fact is as old as humanity, in different forms. There has always have been people among us who had granted themselves the right to lead, to oppress, to cheat. It is in man's nature to have a tendency to feel superior to others, to see in others comodities, to grant oneself more wisdom than the other and act accordingly.

By ruse, by force, by treachery, such people have always tried, and succeeded to impose their views on the rest of us and made us believe in a distorted picture of how mankind must evolve, in what must be viewed as natural, in how society works and evolves. The human world has always been one of power, of wars, of injustice. Should it be such as some have succeeded in making it happen ? No, but these people have always counted on us to succeed in dominating, they have played with the same flaws that they have found hidden in their own nature, the desire to mislead others, the desire to mislead oneself for profit and for accomplishing their lust for depravation.

Without a strong morality, everyone of us is able to fall for the trick or, at least, accept it as an inescapable possibility that comes into the natural flow of events. Since most of us feel inside oneself the desire to be as immoral as those that are doing a business of it, we tend to believe this as being the normal way of a human society. But it is NOT. We are cheating on ourselves in indulging in this belief. Humanity has not to be what it is, the theater of power, of greed, of vice. We do not have to learn what is the year's fashion, to look after the latest trend, to queue in line for the newest mainstrean toy or to seek desperately the nature of the most 'in' hobby.

We must live by ourselves, together. We must not rely on centralized information or help but be wise and good enough to help ourselves and look for help in our families and neighbourhood, no further. We should move outside the City trap. Big towns are the fall of humanity. The countryside has huge empty spaces where all the people crowded in towns could find a sustainable living. The only thing that is lacking is jobs. The best solution to the worldwide crisis is to empty the urban trap and get back to the land, massively. Our 'civilized' way of life must turn back to a more simple way of being, we must downgrade and come back to simple skills that imply a renewal of family and communal life.

We must become new pioneers and swarm the forests and the plains. We must bury the Wifi, the BMWs, the TVs and empty the malls and the supermarkets. We must regroup in the countryside and rise small villages, rural communities, create small schools and quit all the for profit medicine, law, politics, economy ... We must go through a change of mind, of interests, of behaving together because noone will succeed alone. We must learn anew to share our skills, to build small homes all for one and one for all.  We must stop looking at the next false flag but begin to draw the sketch of our next countryside community. This is what prepping must mean. This is what sanity must lead to.

Short of this, if we remain in the city centers and suburbs, we ARE doomed as a species. We, as human beings do need to live close to nature, and close to one another. Big towns are the opposite of what we are, of what we need to be healthy, body and mind, and soul, and heart. We cannot love ourselves and one another inside noisy, polluted, unjust towns. The ability to reconquer the human race goes through the settling of the land outside the big cities. There is no other way round. We must decentralize ourselves by our own will. We must give all we have to create country jobs, country communities, country lives. Earth has immenses wide free spaces ... outside the overcrowded cities, waiting for all of us.

There are some examples of people who live such lives and are very happy with it. We only have to move on in that direction, we and our children. This must be what we talk about in the morning, in the day, in the evening. We even must dream of it. We must make it happen. The sooner the better. We must stop looking at the capitals, Paris, Berlin, London, Hong Kong, New York, Rio, Rome, Beijing, Mumbai. We must stop looking at the centralized institutions, public or private. We must organize to recapture the land, we must organize to recapture the skills. Faith, hope, happiness won't come from the White House, the Capitol, the Elysée, the Duma ... be sure of that.

Let's recapture our hearts, our love for one another, our genuine thirst to be helpful, to be kind to one another, to enjoy our children laughting, and the birds on the window, the flowers in our pathways, the sun through an opened door, the smile of the pregnant woman. It is our possibility, our duty to put to history all the mayhem of the 'civilization'. Rape, killing, begging, hurting, hunting, starving ... must soon become (bad) memories of the dark past of humanity. We must stop looking at what is bad but create the opportunities to do good. We must quit the armies, the big business, the slavery world that is not ours but 'theirs', those bastards who grant themselves the right to lead upon us.

This is the path out of an unipolar society that is not natural, that is not simply human. There is no other way around. And, to end this page, what is art ? Art is the proof that there is not only one way, one mainstream form of expression. Art is local, individual. Everyone of us is able to produce art, his own art, whatever the form. Art is the expression of free souls, art is personal but its aim is to be shared. Art is the highest tool of expression, of being. There is a possibility of art in every side of our life. Raising children involves art, playing sports also. Art is not confined in its academic view. Art is a natural way of life. Art is life at its best. Art is present in every being, but only when this being is free. Art, true art, native art is the canary in the coal mine !

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