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Who needs to drive cars able to rise to 150 mph ? Such technology costs billions and put the upkeeping of one car at the cost of fifty that would limit their power to the road speed limits that are less than half. On such cars, the tyres replacement cost the price of a small motorbike and who drive them ? Seventy years old who find it hard to even get inside, not to say how long it takes them to step out ...

But the richs needs the best don't they ? Although the best in their eyes is only proned to be a show. Not only do they usurp the well being of thousands but they lead the society on a fallacious slope, they drive technology and science into dead ends targets. Instead of fulfilling its natural aim that is helping humanity to become more equal and less dependant society, scientific achievements have become devoted to the futile games of a childish elite.

However, this road to nonsense is not as futile as it seems. The purpose of this insane move is not only to deprive mankind of the tools it should be able to use for its happiness but to control it until the abyss of despair and self destruction. The Powers That Be under the cover of leading research for our own good are simply bringing our collective and individual anihilation as it is so much evident in the fields of education, entertainment, medicine and nutrition not even speaking of the military waste of discoveries destined to destroy, maim and kill.

Here is an example involving the highest level of complicity between rogue scientists, state puppets and corporate addicts.

The global warming scam has been decreted to raise the level of taxes, to impose dramatic solutions that impair the health of millions and also to promote the rise of new technologies that would be in normal circumstances easily dumped as useless but that are bringing huge money in the field of energy at a time that coal and petrol are still abundant and effective but don't bring anymore enough profit. The nuclear energy was one of the first in line, although the pretense was not warming but a fabricated petrol crisis,  but since the general awareness is rising, the 'green' turn has settled on solar and wind. Solar has not said its last word as an effective medium but wind is quite an evidence for all the scientific community that it is not worth the shot by large. Nonetheless, it is still being developped and proned as a possible alternative.

A small byproduct of wind farms is a disruption in radar efficiency caused by the interference of the huge rotors when they are set up near an airport. So, as the producers of such 'green' technology are crying out because some of the best places to their babies are precisely near some airports, namely in Scotland, they have pressured government agencies, the Civil Aviation Authority in England and the Federal Aviation Agency in the US to put on the task scientific research in order to improve the radar ability to resolve the conflict. The MIT has been requested to work on it as wall as well as many other contractors including the JASON Advisory Group*. This research initiated by a supposed 'green' concern will in the end finance the improvement of a radar technology that, in the end, will be the most useful to ... military application and the DHS, among others.

Nice (green) achievement isnt'it ?? And when you put into the equation most of the highest level scientific communities, public and private in the whole world with Silicon Valley being the leader, you can grasp how science is being diverted to enslave us instead of giving us freedom ... "Free, fee, set me FREE".

* Do your own research but let me tell you that this Jason Group is one of the pillars of the NWO's control tools at the highest level.

U.S. Finishes Wind Turbine Radar Interference Trials
Wind Farms Cleared for Building by 3D Radar - see comments !


RENE GUENON*: "The Reign of Quantity and The Signs of The Times" /1945; Sophia Perennis, Hillsdale NY, 2004)"**

"...The two points of view, respectively 'benefic' and 'malefic', have been spoken of earlier as if they were in some way symmetrical; but it is easy to understand that they are nothing of the kind, and that the second signifies only something that is unstable and transitory, whereas only that which the first represents has a permanent and positive character, so that the 'benefic' aspect cannot but prevail in the end, while the 'malefic' vanishes completely because it was in reality only an illusion inherent in 'separativity'.

"Nevertheless, the truth is that it then becomes no longer proper to use the word 'benefic' any more than the word 'malefic', for the two terms are essentially correlative and cannot be properly used to indicate an opposition when it no longer exists, for it belongs, like all oppositions, exclusively to a particular relative and limited domain; as soon as the limits of that domain are overstepped, there is only that which is, and which cannot be, or be other than it is; and so it comes about that, if one does not stop short of the most profound order of reality, it can be said in all truth that the 'end of a world' never is and never can be anything but the end of an illusion."

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* I'm glad to have rediscovered Rene Guenon, a French philosopher I had studied 30 years ago !!

** PDF In French

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