Tuesday, October 08, 2013


There are 6 million 'Jews' in Israel. 850,000 were at the funeral. Although the official count is overstated by more than 50%, the respect for this Powers That Be's agent, when including the family members, is around 2 millions, 1/3 of 'Jewish' Israel. Considering that the remaining 4 millions are deluded leftists who welcome the rights for all and all the actual propaganda, or other sectarian religious, you can guess how much an abyss of delusion is this country falling into.

Ovadia Yossef - OY ! - has been a friend of all the traitors that have led Israel in the past but, most notably, Shimon Peres, Barak and Bibi. This is enough to consider he was failing God.

When you read the comments about his passing, you can really be afraid of the deph of idolatry where the 'Jews' have sunk. They do not believe in God but in their leaders, religious or seculars. Israel is the shame of the world well before all other countries together.

What a comedy !!! Nonetheless, he enjoyed a woman's kiss, didn't he !!!

"Who will you ask" ???
Is there no God in your life ?

They'd better cry on themselves, poor lost souls, disgusting.


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