Thursday, June 27, 2013


If one thing can be said about Snowden, Assange & co., it is that they turn the heat on the governements as governements are the culprits of choice for the peoples. Written script. "You are spied on, you are THE interesting people ... What !! They spy on ME ?? Me myself ?? Me, the great one ???" Rising the populace's ego and distracting it from what they really do to us: MURDER.

- Oh ! I've got methane in my water !?
- Fracking is good for you, if not you yourself, no problem, it's good for your country. Just go on and look at the sky when drinking.
- At the sky ? What sky ? The blue sky ? Which blue sky ??

When I came in Israel in 1988, the ordinary local grocery stores (Makolet) were full of flies, for those that sold fruits. There still are some of those old smelly shops without AC, but the flies are gone. But there are new fruits like there are new vaccines, new pills, new treatments, new nano-GMO-fluoro ... things.

Killing YOU - & ME. Softly, with no wars, or so little (!), indirectly. Permanently. Definitely. If there is one 'secret' to leak, this is the one. Their war over all fresh natural products we eat is in line with the degenerative human theory of Tony Wright's "Left in the Dark". They just want to accelerate it as much as they can.

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