Saturday, June 15, 2013


Man ! we also need to have One Track. All of us.

This One track is simple:

- Spiritually, there is One God, One Creator. Everyone who advocates differently is wrong, genuinely or intentionally.

This God is the God of Abraham AND Moses because He is the only One God Who has been giving the tools to mankind to understand his own status and Who desire it to be free of earthly masters. The main tool being the prayer :"Shema Israel, God is our God, God is One" ... Meaning: we humans are responsible toward one another to empower God as the sole Master, we must remind one another that we are on the same level and no one has the right to consider oneself superior to any other man for whatever reason.

The only and one gift God has made to humanity is this one. It is enough and there is absolutely no need for any other understanding to set us FREE. And if you read the Torah properly, every history, every statement resumes to this: people are free if they want not to enslave one another. He is the God who took a people OUT OF SLAVERY: First Sentence - Commandment.

- Materially, there is One oppressor of Mankind. It takes different faces throughout ages but it is always the same: it is he who justifies by whatever discourse the need of man to be led by another man.

Today, and since some five centuries, there is a class of individuals who have claimed this privilege as belonging to them. They are the German Lords. They are the Anglo-Saxons that are based in Germany and interlaced with English nobility. They are the "Homeland" of the Illuminati, the hotbed of their New World Order that has succeeded in dominating the world.

Let's thanks Joseph Ehrlich for having pounded that evidence over & over again, which is the reason the NWO has deleted his web site and as much of his writings as they could.

The Global Crab Basket

Joseph Ehrlich, with whom I learned the basics of the geopolitical game was, and remains the first and only one to expose the inescapable truth that, the Illuminati's nest is Germany, that its public relations front is Great Britain and its armed hand is the United States of America. FACT. (Read "Recapturing America" if you can). This is the Trilogy of the All Seing Eye, in our days.

But I often disagreed with him upon the role of China and Iran which he considered as an opposition to the NWO's game. Iran and China are controlled opposition in the same way as Arabic nations are perceived as anti-American.

All of them burn the US flag, day after day, but they are controlled by the same trilogy of world masters. They have the role model to construct the image of tyrannical anti-western power that keep their people in misery only to further the image of the western countries that are a heaven of luxury. However, the level of corruption is the same, only inverted. In the first case, misery is the drive that throws the peoples into a life of infamy, servility, subservience, villainy and dishonor, and in the second, abundance is the medium. Different ways, same result: keeping humanity in the lowest social behavior in order to control it at will.

This jumps to the eyes when you visit in a row the Caribbean and Florida, as I did last year. You have on one side paradise islands that struggle in poverty with a high stake of crime and, on the other, a spoiled place where you see ladies aged 16 or 81 drive flashing SUV out of their million $ estates but dressed as whores. You also find the opposite, unbelievable yachts around the Caribbean islands and crack dealers in Miami; poor & riches in the same can of worms: sordidness. The appearance is different but it is rotten the same inside. Japan and North Korea fit in the same mold.

Actually, there are differences in the people's ways of feeling their fate but it doesn't matter for the masters because only the exterior matters for them. Their game is a superficial one as long as people judge one another over what they look like and not what they are. It is enough for humanity's bastards that the wealthy despises the poor and that misery envy the wealth. 

The Third World War

This 'one track' way of thinking allowed me to see first hand what lies behind the current epidemy of whistleblowers: a way to distract the attention from the real players at work behind the last and most awful part of their game, the first landmark of their world domination and the real power that dictates its will behind the curtain.

I do not read all the headlines but I believe I have been (probably) the first and only one to uncover the true and real motive behind the whistleblower's epidemy: Protecting the NWO's homeland from being considered responsible of the origin of the third world war and putting the blame solely on America & Israel.

Look people, we don't want war, noone with a sane mind wants war. War is the most horrible thing in human's life, by far.

Assad is a tyrant, I'm the first to acknowledge this fact, but he is a local tyrant that allows people to be who they are, as poor as they may live under his claw. The Illuminati in comparison are a global evil beast that want to exterminate in the name of blood relying on satanic motives. The Anglo-Saxons hate mankind globally and their intent is to destroy humanity as God created it, the miracle of  life, and intelligent life, that, maybe, is the only one of its kind in the universe.

They must be fought by all of us in the sake of life, of every real value we might respect, in the name of our elders, of our children, of manking, of God. This is the time to stand up and throw them back in the vacuum of the blackhole where from they originated. This is a matter of life and death for the whole world. NOW.

(NB: I write this as it is here, in Israel, Shabbat time and I really shouldn't, but there is an exception: saving life, and I'm afraid, not only my life is threatened by the current move of the NWO but that of so many of us that it is an earthscale emergency.)

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