Tuesday, June 25, 2013


In a kids' world, which is subjected to a more natural behavior than an adult's, the first glance is as much vital as it is for a wild being: "Friend or Ennemy" ? And like animals, still, you cannot foul children, say, at first glance. They do make mistakes except that in their own world, they are right. If you are not right, you could lie because you don't know, you could lie to yourself. That is the greastest fear, being wrong without knowing it.

... Well, the greatest fear of normal natural beings. In order to compensate this fear, beings are curious, to know if they are right ... with themselves. If they indeed find life, their own, to be safe will they look at other components of the other's self. Safety doesn't invoke in humanity only the price of life but that of an honored life, to one's pride before others'. To do the trick, the first glance must be full of willing, as well as full of serenity. Power of being and calm of knowing that I own that 'right' and that I also stand for that 'right', this is my DUTY as a living being.

The intensity of a first glance can reach a fire-like intensity, or a shy-like questioning, but in all cases, they send first a message of the will to live, and to live freely. This is the duty, live freely according to one's honor of life. Many kinds, same direction. Kids again like other beings can play together, live together. Kid's world has a life-value in accordance to the creation before anything else. It is the scale, the compass. Normal education would nurture this given ...

Corporate and state education has one job: obfuscating the values of life, substituting death orientated avaibilities, corrupting history and make it an eulogy of war, considering all people as patients, from hospital to law offices ... creating a wrong "reality" for grown up. Fact, no theory. The first glance can last for ever. This is the internalized poverty of today's civilization, washed by unending tsunamis of shemes promoted by the powers that be. Be Rich, Be Miserable, Be a Cowgirl, Be ... "Who you are not, or whatever, why do we tax whisky for, 'Goddam' !!".

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