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We need Heroes. Heroes are the people who, in a desperate situation are able to reverse the tide by the ability, at a specific time and place, to energize themselves and other by the clarity of the vision and the evidence of the action they are able to initiate, to perform and to inspire. But the true heroes are those who do this not only once but routinely in their lives, who pay of their persons to help going the right way, the good way, the respected way. Real heroes are not on the front page, they are you and me.

Our world is not on an ascending path; man like nature is on an impoverishment journey. We lose at the same time the diversity and the inner energy, which comes from an aim to reach in a moral environment; we lose the perpetual enrichment which is the main outcome of diversity, the will to improve oneself and in the same breathe the recipes and the tools to be free.

Yes, mankind is not on an ascending curb and the future would not be what we think, for those of us who still dream, at least.  Quantity does not means quality, numbers are no science to support the illusion of the masses, be it voluntary or not (by the will of tyrants or by a naturally deteriorating fatality related to the way of life). Humanity is expanding at a rabbit race together with the deadly technology it nurtures.

Humanity is more & more assigned to open ghettos, the cities. The walls are made of an economic imperative, money, and the chains are the uprooting of mankind from mother earth, of people from a family based, nature grounded society. Man is less and less able to live - survive in the countryside; man is no more born in the land but on the pavement. The noise of his youth is not the songs of the birds but the roars of the machines. One lives no more from sunrise to sunset, from spring to winter, from the parents’ love to the children’s laughter, no, you live from the last staged event to the next, from the demise of your boss to your own, from a traffic jam to the other sneaking time to time at the blue (?!) sky through the smoked glass of your car, of your office cage, of your sunglasses.

The life that is considered as “normal” is NOT. Life in the cities will never be “normal”, it just cannot. Man can’t have a diet of cheese and bread as proves Paul Feval in the best novel ever, in my eyes, ‘Les drames de la jeunesse’ (Dramas of youth). Man must be able to see swallows in the sky, and look at them, and enjoy their ballet, and know he is a man, no less free than swallows, no more hungry of freedom than birds …

Man needs nature, but unhappily, nature needs man to protect it against “progress”. What we perceive as progress is not, and less so a proof that humanity is evolving for its own good. The technological achievements are not a proof of man’s improving as a species. On the contrary. A technologically drove society can only be the fact of a degenerative culture and people. Healthy societies rely on themselves, for wealth and for values, for art and for happiness. The medieval ages, and all ages in fact before the industrial and cultural revolutions, have been discredited in their actual wealth as it was and as it should be in a society of humans. The “city-lights”, the mirage of progress instead of paying its duty to mankind and be of some kind of help has in fact just increased the greed of the wealthiest and the power they manage. 

Everything in the current world is designed since its creation to serve the objective of profit. All things, from laws to plants, from water to blood is a business, a patented reign of cruelty, a worldwide tyranny. Not tomorrow, now. And since some thousands years at different levels and colors. The design at large is:
  -          financing illusion, from top to bottom – religions, education, medias, culture, science, history, power needs, power lead …
  -          creating, financing and justifying inequality as a law, as a faith, as the result of power or market laws, as what you want, as long as you get the result.
  -          making of money a god and giving it the right to be speculated on, making money as an end and as its own mean of creation, this is unsustainable. The value of money as a day to day currency must be separated from the “Market” value of money as a speculative investment. There is a need of local currencies not based on value of gold, $$$, markets, mafias or whatever global entity.
  -          Implanting a terror business worldwide to hide and secure the illegal ways of the world’s must profitable businesses (wars –states & state companies, energy, corporations’ business, land, drugs, food, agribusiness/agriculture/water !).

What should be clear in the last graphic is that, what drives the corporation profits and leading importance in society is YOU, you and you. It is the consumer who drinks beerand coca instead of water, who shops at Walmart instead of local market places, who indulges oneself with luxury items and does credit at his bank to afford what otherwise he couldn't. And so on ...

What people need are Farmer Markets, not Money Markets

We will see with what to replace the money markets with in a while, but nothing can replace farmer’s markets. To be a healthy species, as the horse or the panther, we need a suited ecological environment, all the contrary of ‘modern’ life and its million machines with no green. Man needs to see green, to enjoy it and to eat it. Not all green is green and an organic banana, of the small berries tasting variety is plain yellow. Ah the fruits in the Caribbean !! Nonetheless, what ought to be our primary diet is made of fruits, nuts, vegetables with some corn, grains, roots, rice and oils, spices, fishes, all of it fully natural and conditioned.

Farmers’ markets are a must. Local production, following the seasons, little transportation, greening and improving the regional skyline, we need farmer markets everywhere there are commercial centers twice a week, and in the countryside too but there, each farm can supply a location. Farmer markets are locally organized, on a honor basis. No farmer will buy its products at Wal-Mart’s’ suppliers. Control is easy, and nobody wants to cheat. Every fruit and veggie are good. Twice a week on the parking plot of every commercial center, supermarket, in town or outside. This is no revolution, only a redistribution of consumer opportunities, the main one being eating healthy food. All water in the world should be over seen by local organizations of people, farmers and others.

Contrary to money markets, farmers’ markets participate in the empowering of the base of the pyramid; they are not directed from up to down and would not benefit in any kind of war or tyranny. In an era when depopulation is a fact, see the Gulf of Mexico, see the fluoride in water, see what you want to see, but see something (!!), the top to down line of business conduct cannot survive. The first step is to provide alternative opportunities based on local life for the day to day life of every man in every region in the world. 

Here are some ideas:

       -  Local Currencies, disengaged from the global trading
       -  Local Markets: farmers, 2nd hand …
       - “Local Autonomous Grassroots Organizations” to provide local banking, law jurisdiction, counseling ...
      - Local Cooperatives 
       -  Local Health and Education Direction
      - Local factories of human size, possible with today’s technology (3D printing, robots …), there is an example in Israel where Kibbutzim of old have been, for the most ‘successful’, converted in technological enterprises and small factories.
        -          ...



I don’t know the first word in economics, but as a thinker, I can feel what’s wrong somewhere; take the following for what it is …

If you ‘google’ “free credit” … no pertinent answer.

If you enter “gratis” into a translator, you will find out that it is a word understood literally everywhere.

Short time credit is vital for all. Businesses are entitled to use it as a norm, interest free. Paying goods after one, two or three months is usual. Families are not if they do not have a credit card and, even when they do, they are charged huge interest.

We, people, should organize to provide individuals and families with interest free short time credit. We should create a network of willing professionals that, insured by a collective deposit at local level, could provide free short time credit to people. This would bypass the giant credit monsters and renew trust at the communal level between people, a breath of fresh air.

There have been in many places in the world successful experiences of ‘micro-credit’ without the involvement of traditional big banks, but this was principally offered to new small businesses. We need rich willing people to create guaranty funds destined to the people, not only the businesses.  We also need intelligent people to give a hand in the management of such an activity.

The future will be a world of the willing or it will die by the teeth of the wolves disguised as architects of a “better place”. We must stop fighting for imaginary ‘rights’ and do our DUTY as men toward each other’s.  We must stop remaining isolated while shouting at the powers that be, and our neighbors, and take the law, the life in our own hands, together. No escape except 3 feet of earth over mankind’s tomb.


I may have the right to be a gay, I still have the duty to be a man. I may have the right to kill, I still have the duty not to. 
250 years ago, there was no talks about rights. Everyone had duties in his life, knew about it and was proud to perform them. 
The Illuminati have inserted into people's minds that duties were imposed and unjust, and that they ought to stop considering life as a world of duties but instead as a world of rights.
Bravo ! Great trick indeed !!

The duty of education is heavy ? Skip it, the nation does it for you. 
The duty of caring for one's family and family elders is over your ability ? Forget it, the state has solutions. 
The duty of being healthy in order to wake up with a smile doesn't fit you ? No problem, the healthcare will feed you the adequated medication to cope with bad mornings.

Ever heard about bills of rights ? Any difference with God's commandments ?

'Life is a right, not a duty' ... Great joke, if it was one.

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