Tuesday, June 25, 2013


War. What is War ? War is nothing but the ultimate way for killing fellow humanbeings on a large scale with the approbation and the involvement of the people ! War is the top of the iceberg concerning people's killing for who can decide to kill openly millions, once from time to time - in the name of peace, do not care more of killing people permanently, in the dark. The mess altar is in the light only at times, but dayly, in the shadows, its ants work never rests.

What do I say ants about them ? Because they don't sleep ? But it is the people that they view as ants ! We are the "colaterals". We are the experimental subjects, treated with fluoride, with medications, with derivatives, with sticks and sweets, with illusion as a reality. The killing is permanent, only less visible. Kill and say you heal. Make war in the name of peace. Put death instead of life. And say it is the norm, my dear Watson.

They are after Life, after love, after light. Sometimes in the open, always in the dark. If there was  a secretabout the people who direct from behind the political and economical puppets, the NWO, the Nimrodian do I like to call them, this would be it. They are like Duracell, the atom, the cancerous cells, bacterias ... they work non stop. Round the clock, Swiss made, atom proof. Hey, do we stand for a penny in front of such a machinery ?

Illuminati are warrior of the eternal night, of the northern mysteries, of chimeras. They fight life. How many deaths will we have to suffer at their hands to become men ? Be it death in a hospital room at $.5000 a day or in the mud in a slum !! Be it as a child or a senior. There are children who have in their eyes a glaze that many a grown up will never have, the sight of death, of horror, of things that ought not to exist inside "humanity".

So, as much they are pro-death, we must be pro-life. We must love the sun, the sunshade, good water, a fresh air, a smile behind a fruit, a tent in the wilderness, trees everywhere, doing a life in the countryside, helping each other, inside families as well. We just must live a life oriented life, with values, with faith in our fellow, with clarity with ourselves, and honnor, the real pride !

What I liked much in reading Walter Scott, Eugène Sue, Paul Feval and others was about protestants in Europe from the 16th to the 18th century, and, from the scottish Highlands to the  french Cevennes, it is the will to be right, to be clear with oneself and others, to be fair inside as outside, to respect everybody according to morality and faith only, and what they loved most was shouting all this in public, as much as they really viewed, in private also, honesty as their most important "life's souvenir" ...

Our treasure is the capital of honesty one man accumulates in his life, that one will be able to recall in hard times, that one can turns to inside as a spring of light, of love, of company, of wisdom. Life is the light that illuminates our holographic universe. Life is the will of the Creator. Life is good, if we want to, together or never. We are being poisoned daily, the earth is being killed too and what took hundreds years, millenaries - all the past to grow is erased, destroyed, mutilated from the environment to the living beings.

We must stop building cities, all the more chinese, and give the people the means to live in the countryside, develop small country centers, everywhere. There is plenty of free and usable land even not far from most capitals. And what is constructed is 10 storey buildings, rat cages and the life that goes with. This must stop. New cities must remain empties. People must reclaim the land, the right to live freely on the land that God gave to His soul-bearing creatures, us, life at its most, humans who are able to understand the beauty of the creation, all of us included.

We must not cause us to be against what is wrong, but to be for what is good. We need to  focus on the well to be done and not for evil to fight. We need not struggle against death but build for life.

This is Spain, and I was myself amazed when I saw last year many of these building suburbs sproot like mushrooms around Madrid. And these are "acceptable" housing by world's standart. There are huge neighbourhoods of the like in Israel near Netanya, Petah-Tikva ...But what to say about the USA, Russia and Asia ??? But still, even like the following picture, a building will still be the city's housing of choice, the best sterilized, regulated and monitored "life" possible for the 'handlers' ...


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