Sunday, June 23, 2013


Ur, Babylon, Egypt, Athen, Byzance, Rome, Cuzco, Constantinople, Paris, London, Washington, Bruxelles, Beijing, Berlin ...

Going North. 

The north great attraction. South of Montelimar, Munich, Bordeaux, Venice, Graz, Milano, Shanghai, Cape Hatteras, Denver or Indianapolis, there are no humans.

Or, better said, humanity south of the line is disposable. The only people that matter are those who work for using and controlling the southern masses. Either you serve the tyrant or you don't own your very life.
You follow what you are told you are, what you are told to be, how to procreate, what to learn, what to think, what to indulge you with, how to spend your time, what to drink, eat or use in general, what your life is. Mind control.

And repression, hundred thousand laws, police forces that are army commandos, controls everywhere, rogue groups of militias, state financed, spraying terror in intend to guard the main hubs of state sponsored illegal trading, to serve as pretexts of army presence as in Afghanistan (opium), Irak (oil), Syria (gas and door to recapturing Iran's oil), Sudan (Egypt is the "out of Africa" gate for all the richness looted day after day) ...

Be it by using the US and its allies or the West created Islamic forces (from Al Qaida to Islamic Brotherhoods ...), also supported by the Gulf states, the war games take place in the "south" ... as are happening the economic depressions, the visible tyrannies, just like cyclones or earthquakes !! Yep, what an exception is North Korea, indeed ? "White men come from the cold", said Joseph Ehrlich ...

This northern migration of power to the north is consistent with Tony Wright theory, 'Left in the Dark'. It may  also give a hint to why tyrants are not concerned with human blood since they rely themselves on an animal meat diet. -The golden bull is only a modern kind of golden calf- Killing. Living to give death. Is that human ?

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