Friday, April 06, 2018


We people of the world are already at war. Not against each other but against governments and corporations, against every fake entities that are supposed to work for us but enslave us all.

All this began in the mind. The concept of representation is all wrong except for justice. People DO NOT need artificial groups to direct them, to represent them, to make profit for them.

The only and real war is endemic and against the misrepresentation of society. People in Venezuela, in China, in America and everywhere are robbed daily by the very entities that are supposed to represent them, in finance and politics. The high inequality that runs worldwide has no other source than that.

What is termed as wars are wars between those virtual and baseless entities we call governments and corporations. We people of the earth just want to live but we die day after day because of the so called representatives that not only rob us of justice and happiness but add to their mayhem wars between nations.

It is those entities that, for their survival, maintain the status quo of borders and dissent between nations, that promote the arm race instead of giving bread to everyone what they are supposed to do.

(Staged wars are part of the True war)

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