Tuesday, April 10, 2018


India requires fingerprint scans for food, phones and finances ...

The news is not from Your News Wire but from the New York Times that dares calling the move a 'Big Brother's' event. They sure know what they talk about.

Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar !!

Well, it is not enough to be educated, to believe in God or to stick to honesty for staying Alive in a death ruled humanity.

One has to forget all of the above and recognize with the highest humility that liberty is not a quest, a victory to achieve or to fight for, but a gift from Nature that has to be accepted, kept and nurtured against all odds.

Every living creature is born free and this embedded freedom is bound to life itself. No freedom, no life. No life, no freedom. We are just caretakers of who we are and by being just that, we are. Everything else is madness of pride.

China surpassed, The West outdated !!!

Who would have guessed that 1984 would begin in a nation that hasn't proper toilets for more than half its population !? Poor uneducated people are fooled quite easily ... Where are gone the Thugs who recklessly fought the British Empire 200 years ago ???

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