Sunday, April 29, 2018


It is so convenient to believe in the social world order !!
Russian, catholic orthodox, nationalist,
American, atheist, leftist.
Hindu, Buddhist, traditionalist.
Nations like religions like politics are empty illusory criminal concepts. Although individual who view their appurtenance in groups as positive and enlightening choices, the math doesn’t apply to the outcome.
Nations like religions like politics become as soon as they exist tyrannical powers detrimental to the very people who casted their vote for them. (Corporations are but a byproduct of that deviant state of mind)

Man is born to be a family leader. Alas, this is too much and too little for him. Being a family leader implies taking one’s responsibility, being a role model, a teacher, a serviceman, and all this and much more is too much for him as he views the family unit as a petty, restricted space to develop his pride of thinking of himself as a great man. Man sees the group as the natural place to engage his faith and his talent into. The group, the bigger the better, is where he belongs to because a place in a group rewards his dreams of greatness. Better being the servant of a universal leader than being himself a leader in a small place. In the first case, all honors with no responsibility as in the second, all responsibilities with no honor, no collective honor to be precise.

In order to fulfill his ‘folie des grandeurs’, man will create one after the other unreal bodies destined to give him the illusion of belonging to a greater reality than that of the only one in town, his family. They created nations, they created religions, they created national and world events of sports, they created an infinity of networks, of clans, of mafias, of … Madness !!! Total madness.

Then so, after having delegated his true power as a family leader, not only man has lost it but he didn’t gain any other since all these groups change all the time, fight one another taking along in their fall all that had become identified to their fates.

The best example is that of the Hebrew people at the time of the prophet Schmuel when they wanted to become a nation and desired a king. This folly sealed the beginning of their disappearance as a natural and united people ...

There is no social world order but there is a natural one which should become the only game in town. The natural world order begins and ends with the family. Every family should be sovereign, have its land and its duties. The families should meet together on a local level to run the common interests. If all the might deployed for the management of nations and armies, religions and politics were employed to create, develop and run local life as it should be, the earth would become the paradise for the human species as it is intended to be.

Today, with modern technologies, local life is possible. Solar power, hydroponics, 3D printing … for the independence of local communities and internet, drones, phones, cars (yes, still worth the game if levels of tech involved and perfs as well as numbers are reduced) … for the relationship between families and local communities.

Unfortunately, many people feel the illusion but cannot resolve themselves to quit as it is the most powerful drug of man's mind: who would accept to get back to his kitchen and just care for a wife and kids, plant his salads and wait for some rain ?

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