Thursday, April 05, 2018

Hemp was the blessing, oil is the curse

Micro-plastic, as well as plastic itself have invaded the world. From the oceans to the human body itself, plastic is everywhere.

I live in a ‘Ychuv’, a settlement, not really because of any ‘Great Israel’ theory indeed but because it is cheap, quiet and somehow illegal. Since the age of 15, I hate boundaries. Of all kinds. In most ‘Ychuvim’, there is a small petting zoo with few domestic animals. Here, there are hens, a peacock, some rabbits and a goat. A few days ago, I drove by and spotted the goat eating a beautiful chunk of blue plastic, some 20 inches by 5 more or less. I did not stop to take it out of its mouth. I definitely could but I didn’t.

I, who write tirelessly about life am myself overwhelmed with the general situation. I am done. And this has popped out in my mind because of the goat and its blue plastic sheet.

There is a general belief that people in the world are in different stages of evolution thanks to civilizational discrepancies. That is wrong. Beyond the apparent differences of culture and way of life, man is evolving at a rather similar pace, be that in the Amazon forest or Zürich, Switzerland. And because the majority of humanity has chosen the path of progress for money, all of mankind has entered into some kind of desperate, degenerate and fatalistic mood. So be it !

Man has renegaded nature with his 'über-mensch' culture and nature is now evading humanity ...
from the inside.

Hemp was the natural elevation, oil is the sinking destiny.


hmmm, wouldn't say no, would u ?

... Stop bashing the Anglos' !!! Yes, they're great people, of their kind, like any other people btw. I've been in England in the early seventies, and yes, it was a great fun. I even took a bath in the Thames' estuary, say a quick one, followed by a fish & chips wrapped in a 'not so new-newspaper' that ended in a garbage bin ... after being eaten !!

So & so, If as LKJ says 'England is a bitch', English people are more than often great people. When they don't drink. They know music, they danse, they know how to make cars, or did they, they have their own and great design, old style & fashioned, they are the best movies makers for the TV - their sound recording is the best in the world, they are curious but conservatives ... really a people of its own.

But, sadly, like every people on earth, "England-the-State", but not the English People, has an agenda, the same everywhere under different names and colours, an agenda of profit and oppression, an age-old agenda isnt'it ? People, People, Where are You ???

I mean, everything we let happen, in our so-called developed countries with histories of so-called freedom like unequal sharing of the land, and nearly of everything, tyrannical ways of control, unfair jobs valuation, military power, banking monopoly of money, abuse of nature … All that « made in X» stuff is then exported with thousand times lethal results abroad, in the Middle-East, YEMEN, in Africa, South America and Asia including India.

A goal of profit as it is implemented by coercive means worldwide never brought and will never bring up a viable society where humanity thrives for everyone. 'Materialism' and consumerism are a dead end that must be stopped by all means at every levels, individual, local, regional and so on. As much as the Powers That Be have their agenda, and are in the know of how to implement it by subversion and strength, we people must know what direction we must take to avoid growing more and more desperate, illiterate and suicidal.

One of the most valuable tip to move forward in such a way is that the land does not belong, cannot belong to states and corporations but does to individuals and families. Terra and Famiglia ...

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