Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Could write a lot again about the title as I have already done but, let's take this time a live example of the


Here is Avne Hefetz, small settlement of 300 families 20km east of Netanya. Tonight is the ceremony of "Yom Hazikharon", the Day of Rememberance for the fallen soldiers.

Rehearsal ...

Music: soft boring traditional songs
Stage: a warfield
Script: young soldiers fighting and dying. You can see - and hear one talking on the phone to his father saying goodbye before passing away
Voice off: They fight to protect your home, your home, your mother, your mother, your country, your country
Instrument: a trumpet (that by the way begins its first marching notes exactly as the beginning of Summertime !)
Sounds: machine guns, warplanes, explosions

Then, girls take the mic and ask God to remember those young heroes who gave their soul for the people. Not only the soldiers by the way, but the police officers, the security guards ...
And read a list of soldiers dead with comments of how they were exceptional individuals  (hmmm, individual robots)...
Then, silence,
Then, sad song supposed to bring everyone to tears.

(add on: time: 20h00 sirens)

Better than thousands of TV hours of (not fake) news, believe me !!!
Every house, every car, every road and crossroad shows its Israel flag.

Time for the barbecue with lots of fresh meat ...

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