Thursday, July 03, 2014

WHO if NOT a 'JEW' could have BEEN ... JESUS ?

(a 'Jew' ... well, not a Jew as we are used to understand that word usually, but maybe a Hebrew as Schmuel the Prophet was one, for instance.)

Morality* comes from upper feelings. One can find some in every human being, not disregarding other beings. Morality is one of the effects of love, of loving, either naturally, spontaneously, either by will, by outpassing the level of self-limits, by exploring a potential that goes beyond what is expected. Morality encompasses many fields, many attitudes, and it is easier to define what it is not.

The opposite of morality is all the vices of human nature that have not been bonded by the use of moral principles, it is all the defects that have not been eradicated, individuals and collective. Killing, maiming, hurting, all that bring a dark shadow on the smile of a young child, all that lowers the soul until it becomes so small and obscurated that it will not even see the eternity, until the soul feels death as its own end without even believing there may be something else, something more, something unknown but felt by the mean of being moral and only by it !

Morality is respecting oneself and the other as much as we know, as much as we can. Morality is beeing conserned upon one's effect on life, in general and in particular, one's life and the other's. Morality is not killing but also not stealing, not oppressing, but helping, being concerned, walking the good path, the pass of love, of implemented love.

In this regard, Jesus was the one who has applied love to a new level, the individual level. The concept was not new in itself but force was the rule, not only on earth but in the sky, the mythology. The Gods were powerful, power was the law ... Not much changed, isnt'it ? Jesus brought the respect of the weak, of the poor, of the sick, sik of body and sick of mind. This was not new either, especially in eastern religions, but he enforced it IN THE NAME OF GOD.

And this came from a particular view of God that one find only in the Torah, the first five books of the Bible (all the rest is examples & commentary). Who is the God of Moche of the first and only Jewish people that existed in all time, although in potential because, if it was no more captive, it still was in exile ?
Well, humanity was quite perverted at the time and, if it was not all bad, it was far from being good (and has remained such). It is even recorded in the Bible that of a first fall (not the Christian way though, and even not in the Jewish one too). Jesus made a good use of the first fall because it applied it and used for that the ten sentences, the Ten Commands. And those commands, in themselves are begging for implementation, of which God Himself gave the first impulse in freeing the Jewish people from slavery (First command: “I am the God Who took you out of slavery”). By the way, when I ask religious Jews about what is the first command, they usually tell only the first part of the first sentence that is: “ I am God your God”, which they usually understand as meaning I am the God of the Jewish people without understanding that there is no Jewish people !! (since the very first entry from the desert with Yehosuah).

So, beyond the ten commands that Jesus put in practice, there is an example, there is the will of God, the dream should I say, that there would be in humanity a people that would be a real people, a people that would have morality as its law, morality meaning in the case the only way to form a ‘human’ people. Morality is not only described in the ten sentences but explained in all the story of the first Jews and their ancestors, Abraham, Ytzhak & Yaakov. After that, in the Bible, there are explanations of what has been and what we can expect in behaving as a moral or immoral individual, as a moral or immoral people. Jesus took it to the letter and as God gave ten sentences, Jesus took ten apprentices to recreate a root of a moral people as he saw it in a time of perversion, of myths, of violence, of depravity, not to talk of the general unethical, promiscuous daily life. 

Jesus wanted to recreate the Jewish people as God asked Moshe to do so on Mount Sinai, which Moshe refused, and maybe Moshe was right ... but Jesus' intent is not to be burried under what it has been since under idolatric purposes.

Jesus took the commands of morality and gave them a show, a stage, not far from Molière did, or others, but at a time, in a context and from a man who dedicated his life to it, who gave his life for that and more than that, that prepared the following of his actions. Jesus can truly be rewarded as a Jew and be paired with the prophets, maybe even more.

This said, that understood, there is not much to add, but to act, what do U say ?  

* If morality was a god, Henry Gréville would be his prophet-ess

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