Wednesday, July 30, 2014


My brothers,

"One friend we loose is a gift withdrawed by God".

What is life ?

Life is the relationship we have between one another.

No more, no less.

Through those relationships, we live, we love, we mourn, we remember, we hope.

A man's life is the sum of all the relationships.

Through them, we build our world, we create our eternity.

What will be remembered, what will be forgotten, all lies inside the knots we have tied between one another.

Relationships are not material things. They are eternal because nothing can ever do or undo what they have created between one another.

The relations we have together are part and parcel of eternity, they are the substract of our eternal life.

Do you express love toward a brethen ? This brings to life an eternal feeling between you and him. Do you show hate, disdain ? This will remain for ever because these sentiments are not material things, they are the expression of the soul, they are who you are.


How to Unite with Your Eternal Self ?

Except being a beautiful gospel, these are the walls of a 'Gated community'. Gated communities have always been numerous as a protection against conquerors or trouble makers.

One of the main concept of beleiving in God is giving from oneself, and hospitality is one of the faces. A gated community can give hospitality but you must ask for it at its door.

No problem so far except one of the roots of hospitability is offering it before it is asked for. 

Thtough walls, you can be refused, but more commonly, you will only have to obey a few rules, proving who you are, what are your intentions, then, you'll be asked not to do this or that, here and there, or other things ...

No problem except if you had knocked at Sodom door. But, we are in Jericho and to conquer the city, God decided quite originally to take down its walls.

Then, the city is destroyed except for one family. Doesn't this remind of Sodom ? 

Walls, before their material barrier itself, walls draw a line in communication. You are from 'inside' or from 'outside',and it is not the same.

Walls are an obstacle from the outside but are also an encloser for the inside. Walls are by their own existance a judgment: inside is different than outside. Inside is more defined, inside is regulated, inside is controlled, restricted, inside is 'best'.

In God's land, there is no place for walls except for decency, and not in the shape of walls. Balaam could not curse Israel, and indeed had to bless its people because they respected decency rules in the arrangement of the tents of their encampment: no opening was facing another one. One could not look at another tent's interior from the facing door.

No walls.

This is the basis of communication. Who are you, who am I to erect a wall ? No, no wall between you and I. But a shift. Inside, not outside. I won't let you see my own secret garden but you can reach me without any protective barrier. I am not afraid of you. You, my brother, you are not a carnivorous beast that could kill me to satisfy your hunger. I am afraid of God if I do not respect His laws, and decency is not the smallest one, no, not the smallest at all !

And neither is Shabbat, not on friday, not on sunday. And neither are all others. God's laws are like nature, are more than nature. They are made for mankind and we are made for them, if we want to live, today and tomorrow, now and ever.

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