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The start of this war was not an abduction but a cold blood murder disguised as a kidnapping. The teens have been shot with silencers following a prepared plot that the hiding of the bodies only confirmed.

Then, as of yesterday, 605 missiles have been shot from the Gaza strip of which 143 were intercepted by Iron Dome. When you know that Iron Dome only intercepts missiles fired at populated centers and that its results have a 80/90% reliability, you know that most of 2/3 of the missiles fired where aimed at nowhere.

Is that acceptable when you know that, if Hamas did really aimed at hurting Israel, they have 10 kilometers from the center of the northern part of the Gaza strip two perfect targets in the form of a powerhouse and a desalination plant worth millions that they could have hit for sure if only they had aimed 30 missiles at them ?

And, who wants war either in Israel or Gaza ? Noone, sir. Life is pretty hard around here, in Gaza by Arab standards as well as in Israel by western ones.

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in order to maintain a state of conflict between people AS USUAL.

When people hate each other, how much easy is it to dominate them than if they were loving each other and helped one another !! The same is going on all over the world in different forms but with the same result: divide to conquer. Yeah, old stuff isnt'it ? Illegals in the US, Islamic terrorists in Syria/Irak, pro-west and pro/Russian in Ukraine, Japanese hating Chinese, everywhere year round 24/7/365, people are divided according to a master plan. Jews one against the other, Jews against Arabs, Jews against Christians, Christians against Arabs, Christians against Christians, Arabs against Arabs ... Every particular group is empowered in its singularity for the purpose of division. 

I don't want to elaborate further at this time but what is quite clear to anyone with a sane mind is that we are all hostages of the global predators, which is a tragedy, and somehow, willing hostages, which is a shame to humanity.

Dalila beach, Ashkelon south, the power plant's chimneys and behind, unseen, the desalination plant

The beginning of the powerplant's pier with Gaza buildings behind

Except for the sirens that are blowing a few times a day, and the booms that sometimes shake the windows, which I must confess are difficult to get used, there nonetheless has been an unexpected achievement from the rockets. Because the beach is closed together with the restaurants, I have enjoyed my first quiet Shabbat since two months because the usual Shabbat afternoon party with its more than loud trance music did not take place ...

... Been to Jerusalem today. While turning the key of my flat's door, I did think right away "any rocket inside ?".

Well, we must judge by the deeds: 

Are we, people, happy with what happens to us, our fellows, our children, our parents ???

Who's responsible of that ?
What does it mean to be responsible of that ? 
And not to kiss our rights first but our duties ?

UPDATE (after announcement of a truce):

My guess as motives for the 'conflict':
- reminding us us that we are slave to the event/their event
- making us love 'peace'/their bloddy peace
- breaking Egypt's power by allowing more transit between Egypt & Gaza (hey ! that's how it works ... shoot left to get something right ... created culprit)
- achieving easily a diplomatic victory for Kerry/USA
- spending some of our sweat in Missiles & Co
- upping a little more the difference between the ones that are 'lost' (made lost, on par with suicided) and the ones that are in Deauville (also true for nature events / directed natural events)
- separate people and throwing gas on fire
- raise antisemitism (when there are nearly no more semites on earth, at least in western countries)
- filling hospitals for Bayer, Teva & German ... oops ! Swiss gold

Well, good deeds as you can see.

NB: Mafia profits:
- 4.8 millions bullets, 50,000 shells, weapons, war equipments,
- 50 million liters jet fuel, 11 million liters diesel fuel,
- 3 million meals
- ...




Not one article without social toxicity ...


                                                                                           by Barry Chamish

       What a fun month for wacky frame-ups that led to war. It all began in mid-June when 3 Israeli teenagers were kidnapped. One of the abductees, somehow, cell phoned the Police and was brushed aside as a prankster. But his phone recorded them being shot and Arabs heard gleefully celebrating. Israel had a motive to go to war when a Hebron faction of ISIS took responsibility for the crime. Go to my website;  for the details. That was the first act of the set-up. The police certainly appeared complicit in the murders and Israeli Jews, a ripple so far, are asking questions:

What if the hours' delay in reporting the kidnapped boys' disappearance was NOT a royal foul-up? Why would there even be a policy in place where the person who took the emergency call had to run it up some chain of command? What if they were anticipating something like this and the delay was all part of some master plan? What if the Arabs are right about some of this? Maybe "Jews" did kidnap the kids. Maybe the kidnapping was a ploy to enable the government to take out Hamas operations in Judea and Shomron; to eliminate the PA "unity government," as the Arabs are claiming. Why did the government keep reiterating that phrase "we're operating under the assumption that the boys are still alive?" (Because they already knew they were dead.)

       With Israelis on board, it was time to infuriate the Arabs. Now the frame-up was so obvious, you wouldn't think it would work. An Arab, 16 year old Muhammed Abu Khdeir, was kidnapped and burned alive in a car. But luckily, two of the murderers were video-taped, and this tape went viral on the arab internet. But not viral enough to get an irrational war moving in high gear. So Khdeir's fifteen  year old cousin was filmed being beaten senseless by three very atypical soldiers. In all the riots, the one filmed beating was Khdeir's American cousin who, released from jail, had all his lines scripted. "Why did they beat me? I was just enjoying the riot." Followed by his American mother talking of her sweet boy who wouldn't hurt a fly.

       Pardon me for not accepting the scenario of an American cousin of the murder victim accorded an especially vicious arrest with every kick and blow taped for the viewing attention of the Arabs. The police were not as derelict in finding Muhammed's killers as they were for the Jewish abductees who gave them a GPS location of their crime via cellphone. They found the Jewish murderers within days and have since denied them counsel because they are "terrorists." Here's the wack wack wacky crime being accepted by Israelis:

  • Soccer Thugs Killed a Palestinian Boy in Jerusalem - Liel Leibovitz
    Like so many of the narratives beamed out of the Middle East by pale Western journalists who know so painfully little about the region and its inhabitants, this story, too, is difficult to understand. If you want to understand the gruesome murder of 16-year-old Muhammed Abu Khdeir in the hands of six young Israelis last week, don't turn to Bibi or the Bible or Hamas or Abbas: turn to Beitar Jerusalem, the favorite soccer team of Israel's undivided capital.
      All six suspects are fanatical Beitar fans. Members of the murderous cabal are all affiliated with La Familia, a small group of several thousand Beitar fans known for their anti-Arab opinions and a more general penchant for thuggery. The truth is that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Palestinian Authority, settler rabbis and Hamas all have nothing to do with the terrible events that unfurled after six lowlifes forced a sweet-faced kid into their car and burned him alive. Soccer does. So please, enough with the ancient hatreds and the cycle of violence. The death of Muhammed Abu Khdeir is a terrible tragedy, but it's not one unique to Israel. Anyone who watches soccer more frequently than a few matches every four years understands that intuitively. (Tablet)

  •      With both sides angry as hell, Hamas started bombarding Israel with rockets. You talk about an irresponsible government, they did so without expecting retribution?? But I'll bet they didn't expect that all their allies would desert them. On the fifth day of the war, 3 rockets were shot at Northern Israel from Lebanon, most likely by Hizbullah rebels. And they were arrested by the Lebanese. The last time Hizbullah rained missiles on Israel in 2009, practically all the Jews of Northern Israel abandoned their homes for three weeks. Israel was humiliated. If Hamas with their 20,000 rockets was joined by Hizbullah with it's 125,000 this would have been a very different war. But no Hizbullah...or Iran, or Assad or any of its "allies" helped Hamas in its hour of desperate need. This war was Hamas fighting Israel, basically by itself. Who knows what understandings were reached to get to this lucky point. But there appear to be agreements between the combatants.
        Here is where the wackiness just doesn't end. Israel called up 40,000 reservists who are now threatening Gaza. But Gaza is a death trap for Israel's soldiers as they found out a few years back when they mounted a failed deadly incursion.  There is no reason to endanger our young men when Gaza can be starved into submission.

    Danny Danon: No Gas, Electricity for Gaza 
    MK Moshe Feiglin: Don't Enter Gaza,
     Cut Off Electricity, Supplies


    When Lawyers Run the War, You Can’t Win

    PM Netanyahu said that the lawyers won't let him shut off Gaza's water and electricity.

         And these lawyers think killing 200 Arabs in a week of bombing is more humane than cutting off power and water? As the rocket war expanded what did wacky Israel do? It supplied the goods needed to keep the war amovin' forward:

    Israel Permits Supplies into Gaza (Hebrew)
    On Tuesday, July 8, 148 trucks carrying supplies and 221 tons of natural gas entered Gaza. The trucks went via the Kerem Shalom crossing, in coordination with the Gaza coordination and liaison office. (Office for Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories - Israel) 

        To the point that one Israeli, who didn't get the joke, had enough:

    An Israeli truck driver, fed up at near-incessant Hamas rocket fire into Israel, took matters into his own hands on Sunday and used his truck to block an aid convoy from entering the coastal enclave, Israel’s Channel 2 reported.Israel’s Civil Authority (COGAT) has continued to allow hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid in, in order to alleviate daily conditions for the strip’s 1.6 million residents inhabiting the 139 square mile area.But on Sunday, Kerem Shalom resident and married dad, Daniel Meteri, 27, snapped.He’d had enough of the hundreds of rockets in the sixth day of Operation Protective Edge, and the thousands before then, and for three hours refused to move his vehicle parked across the two-lane road leading to the crossing point, at the southern end of the Strip.His wildcat strike halted a several-kilometer-long line of trucks carrying goods to the Palestinians.

             As noble as this act was, most Israelis, not all mind you, but a significant majority, have resorted to perverse rationalizations. One sent me a report of how an Israeli hospital was caring for Gaza's wounded. This, I suppose, at an infantile level, was proof of how compassionate the Jews are. I wrote the sender:

    After the IDF bombs the crap out of them. an Israeli hospital gives them a bandaid? Don't send this obvious photo-op propaganda to anyone with a brain in their heads. Sift, darling, sift.

          Another found solace in the fact that since the rockets began falling in earnest from Gaza, 65 Americans chose to make aliyah or immigrate to Israel. Now my sources aren't official, but I'm informed that since this outbreak began, some 1500 have left Israel permanently, many to America. The Jews have lost sensibility. They choose what they want to believe is reality and dismiss facts or any logic that disproves their "facts."

         I have no idea what the motive for this war is, maybe the rumors that it was the greatest commercial ever for the Iron Dome system have some truth behind it. Maybe the biased lies of the political left have some merit:
         Yes, Hamas is attempting a mass murder of all the Jews they can get their rockets to fall on, but don't let that fact blind the Jews to another awful fact: We've been had again.


    Clouds of 3 Iron Dome explosions

    (see photos of DALILA Beach, South ASHKELON)

    If you'd ask my opinion, I would even doubt of the 605 rockets as a possible number. Where are they ? Where are the remains ? I did an image search over a week and found only 6 pictures. More specifically, all the bangs we hear are from Iron Dome's explosives ... that can become rather erratic if they don't find their target as I can testify having heard through my window a loud "fssshhhhhh", not that nice to hear, including the bang that followed ... with no damage anywhere around, and it was pretty near ! Qassams have nearly no explosive and the bang I heard got the windows shake nearly to break, I guess it just exploded before reaching anything as it does in the air, see picture.

    But the deads are too real, not those from Qassams but from direct war fire, as is the general sickness introduced by those events. And you know what ? No one wants it, generally speaking, but fighting is the thing to do, as is hate, as is selfishness, as is oppressing the weak, yes, mankind is like a duck that, if you would cut its (NWO) head would go on walking a destructive path. Because it's the old kind, the known fashion, follow the dumb, shake hand with the rich, applaud the strong.

    From a different angle, take two soldiers, one Israeli and one Hamas. They both are fighting according to orders, they both have made a pledge of allegiance to their flag and they are both in the end killers on order. Since all governments today obey the theater's masters, the pledge is an act of treason to your own freedom.

    When you have made the pledge, you're not anymore solely an individual but a part of a group directed by tyrants in the name of a collective depraved will. Masters can't let you remain only an individual because they need you to need them. They need poors but poors that want something from them, money, bread, games, pleasure, violence, everything including a mind, a history, a future, a created world dedicated to ensuring that the oppressed are free to chose between different oppression levels.

    Because, as they have 'wisely' discovered, it is not enough to provide bread and games if the reality is going its way the ordinary course, meaning, not directed, not imagined for you. And it works. People around the world believe that what they live, what they know is the reality, the only one possible. Conflicts are natural, wars are the norm, unsecurity, vice, violence, inequality are normal and eternal under the sky. Let's just suffer in silence because it is our natural-normal-unescapable gift from life ... as managed by a handful of handlers and swallowed by billions of idiots.

    JULY 30, 2014
                                                         by Barry Chamish

    On July 20, ten days after Operation Protective Edge was launched against Gaza, the Defense Minister who threw the Jews out of Gaza in '05, Shaul Mofaz, had this to say:
    "The ongoing defensive operation in Gaza has renewed discussion of the 2005 Disengagement, Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from the region. On Sunday, Channel 2 reporters questioned MK Shaul Mofaz (Kadima), asking what he thinks today about the Disengagement. Mofaz oversaw the withdrawal as the then-Defense Minister.Mofaz argued that despite recent events, he still believes the Disengagement was a good idea.Speaking from the entrance to Soroka hospital, where he was visiting soldiers wounded in Operation Protective Edge, Mofaz  claimed that the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza saved “hundreds” of lives."
    The sad irony is, at the current count, over a thousand Arabs and Jews have been killed in the current operation, with many more to come.What Mofaz failed to mention is that his son Yaron just happened to be in Amsterdam on July 17 photographing the Air Malaysia passenger jet before it was blown out of the sky, apparently by pro-Russian rebel soldiers in the Ukraine.

    The issue is, this isn't the only final image of MH17... A man by the name of Yaron Mofaz (Reuters), who is a former employee of ISRAIR, one of Israel's largest airlines based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, and the son of the former Israeli Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz (Current Opposition Leader) just so happened to also snap a shot of MH17 that day in Amsterdam. Not only did he happen to snap a shot of this (at the time) uneventful aircraft; he also happened to take his picture at almost the exact same time and in almost the exact same position as passenger/victim Cor Pan took his "final" shot.

    Yaron Mofaz (Reuters) Image:
    [link to]
    [link to]
    [link to]
    In-case you didn't notice Cor Pan's Image & Yaron Mofaz's Image are in fact DIFFERENT IMAGES (99% similar, but if you really look you will notice the differences).
    -slightly different angles (try overlapping to see for yourself).
    -slightly different time (see shadow for example)
    -look to the right of the tail above the plane on both images.
    -look at the cables below the plane in both images.
    ...(there are more differences but you get the point)...

    Also the MSM is intermixing the 2 versions of the image as if they are the same image, which they are not. Here is an example of a single MSM source using both versions of the image for some reason.
    Cor Pan's Version: [link to]
    Yaron Mofaz Version: [link to]

    So with this in mind, my questions are...
    1. Why is Yaron Mofaz the son of Shaul Mofaz current Israel Opposition Leader & Former Minster of Defense,(who was not a passenger on the plane like Cor is said to be and is still alive today) taking a picture of MH17 in Amsterdam for Reuters just prior to the plane taking off and being "shot" down mid flight, becoming international news?
    2. Why is Yaron Mofaz's image almost identical in time/position to the "said to be confirmed" victim Cor Pan's famous last shot of MH17?
    3. Why is the media passing both images off as if they are the same image, when they are in fact not?

    Shaul Mofaz

    Ministerial roles
    2002–2006: Minister of Defense
    2006–2009: Deputy Prime Minister
    2006–2009: Minister of Transportation
    2012: Vice Prime Minister
    2012: Minister without Portfolio

    Other roles
    1998–2002: Chief of Staff of the IDF
    2012: Leader of the Opposition
    2012–2013: Leader of the Opposition.

    One could say, "So What?" Yaron took a "lucky" photo at a dreadful but historic moment. Why believe that there was a money deal between Israel and the pro-Russian militia, armed with anti-aircraft missiles, to divert attention from the war in Gaza? Except his father made Jews homeless in Gaza and initiated the current debacle...

    Shlomo Mofaz was appointed the new Defence Minister only after his was indoctrinated for several months in Washington. He learned the NWO ropes at Martin Indyk's notorious "think" tank, The Washington Center For Near East Studies.
    Jeff O’Connell, a former head of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Tel Aviv station, is to return here immediately after the publication of the so-called road map for Middle East peace to monitor its implementation, sources in Jerusalem said Monday. According to these sources, O’Connell will be accompanied by a high-ranking State Department official.
    The CIA has reportedly set up a special department to supervise and monitor the implementation of the road map. In the past, the CIA has had a small team in the region to monitor Palestinian Authority reforms, and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has given his okay to a small US-led monitoring team for the road map as well, the sources said.
    The climax of the manipulation were the announcements of the leaders of the Right that they favored withdrawal. Within two days of each other, Chief of Staff Mofaz ordered the removal of three outposts to begin with, and PM Sharon declared his unilateral withdrawal plan."

    ...while his uncle Shlomo was setting up the Jews of Hebron for a massacre they didn't commit. Read about the "Baruch Goldstein" mass-murder:

    The highlights include:

    Col. Shlomo Mofaz. Brother of the IDF's current Chief-of-Staff. An intelligence officer definitely seen meeting Baruch Goldstein in Hebron the day before the massacre...Suspect number two, Shlomo Edelstein. In another Post Article, it is reported that Goldstein once belonged to a prayer quorum in the Machpela Cave but quit it over a year before. Since then, as Miriam Goldstein supposedly said to Edelstein, her husband "DID NOT GO THERE TO PRAY." So why did Edelstein tell her he was going there? And why did  other soldiers testify that Goldstein was a regular worshiper at the Machpela Cave? The commission trapped Edelstein in his own lies with phone company records. What was he covering up and why?"***

          "I said to the teenaged religious girl, "Why do you think your father told Miriam Goldstein that her husband was praying at the Cave Of The Patriarchs where the massacre took place, when his wife said he had stopped praying there?"
           "He told me he was trying to console her. He really didn't know."
           "Why did your father forget her second call to him?"
           "He was busy, so he forgot."
           "He's manning the phones at 4 AM and you think he was too busy to remember the call?      Do you know that Goldstein met a high-ranking intelligence officer named Shlomo Mofaz, brother of our Chief-Of-Staff on the day before the massacre?"
           "I know Shlomo, what about it?"
           "I don't know but maybe your father does. Ask him."
    A former Hebron resident, a lively lady, added information on the Shabak frameup of Baruch Goldstein, the innocent patsy for the Hebron massacre of 1994.
        "You should know that Baruch didn't go straight into Yitzhak Hall and shoot it up. First he stopped in Avraham Hall and told the Jewish worshipers there that he had met with a high-ranking IDF officer, Shlomo Mofaz the day before and he told him to prepare for an Arab massacre of Hebron's Jews. After that he left the hall and supposedly went on a shooting rampage.
        "The whole thing didn't make sense then and today it looks even more like Baruch was manipulated by Mofaz. If the IDF knew about an impending massacre, then it would have sent in troops to stop it, not warn Baruch that it was coming. More and more it looks like Mofaz was the mastermind of the massacre and Baruch the stooge."

    The current conflict was initiated by the highly suspicious murder of three Israeli "settler" teenagers, and plenty of Israelis from the Right know the truth in their hearts;

    What if the hours' delay in reporting the kidnapped boys' disappearance was NOT a royal foul-up? Why would there even be a policy in place where the person who took the emergency call had to run it up some chain of command? What if they were anticipating something like this and the delay was all part of some master plan? What if the Arabs are right about some of this? Maybe "Jews" did kidnap the kids. Maybe the kidnapping was a ploy to enable the government to take out Hamas operations in Judea and Shomron; to eliminate the PA "unity government," as the Arabs are claiming. Why did the government keep reiterating that phrase "we're operating under the assumption that the boys are still alive?" (Because they already knew they were dead.)

    So why fret over a few settlers killed when the resulting war will cause such vicious worldwide anti-semitism that they'll be replaced by masses of new immigrants running from ugly assaults right into the waiting arms of left-wing, peace-loving Labor Zionists,

    The Mofaz clan was always on the front line of bloodshed against innocents. Shlomo organized the Hebron massacre of '94, Shaul oversaw the deportation of Gaza's Jews in '05, and Yaron was there to witness the takeoff of the bloody end to an Air Malaysia flight, diverting attention from the war directly caused by his father's removal of Jews from Gaza...A war most vehemently supported by the right-wing, settler Israelis vilified by a massacre arranged by Shlomo. The circle is complete.

    If only the Arabs of Gaza and the settlers of Judea and Samaria understood that they share the same enemy. And suffer equally.


                                                                                                                  by Barry Chamish

           Congratulations USA. You found the perfect pretext to return your troops to the Middle East. Your creation, ISIS, beheaded a second American, Steve Sotloff, and you won't take it anymore. The problem is Satloff was an Israeli intelligence asset.  And that muddies an already murky war.
            Israel loves soldiers with foreign passports. We get invited to an unassuming office on a major Tel Aviv avenue where we are asked if we'd like a more interesting service. In my case, I was offered a teaching post in the Philippines. Then I was given a week's holiday from my army unit where I was followed, my mail was opened and I even got professionally seduced.
             It was decided that I was totally unsuited to be a spy. Sotloff was apparently not so fortunate:

    Beheaded Journalist Steve Sotloff Was American Oleh to Israel 
    Sotloff, who grew up in Miami, made aliyah in 2005 and studied foreign relations at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

        To get to the bottom of the mystery, I have something personal to contribute. In 1979, Michael Oren and I were drafted into the Israeli army on the same day, arrived at the Bakkum Induction Center on the same bus, and became really good buddies in the two days we waited until we were assigned separate units. I ended up a sand-eating drudge and he got the best the army could offer, induction into the Mossad.
         Michael looked tall, blond and gentile, so he was given a press card from the Kansas City Star, and toured Middle Eastern capitals as a journalist, not for Kansas, but for Israel. After our service ended, we met and, while I could only describe a bland time in the military, he described his tours of Iraq and Syria, the risks of being discovered, looking down on the Galilee from the Syrian POV, and, I remember this point most clearly, how good the food was in Damascus.

        Permit me to add Oren's bio then compare it to Satloff's:

    Mr. Oren was Israel's ambassador to the U.S. from 2009 to 2013. He holds the chair in international diplomacy at IDC Herzliya in Israel and is a fellow at the Atlantic Council. His books include "Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East" and "Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present."

          The intelligence of Israel is taught at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlia. It relies on its spies for accurate reports. Oren learned his diplomatic skills there and Sotloff was gaining his entry into the foreign affairs world at the IDC, when he was sent on a dangerous assignment into Iraq. His cover was the same hackneyed story as Oren's. He was a Kansas City Star reporter, while Sotloff was a freelance journalist "who cared about oppressed people," according to one publicized statement by a friend who mourned his loss.
           His CV contained articles in the Jerusalem Post which could have tipped ISIS off, although one insider gives a good hint that maybe not:

    Beheaded Journalist Hid His Judaism from ISIS Captors 
    Journalist Steven Sotloff, beheaded by the ISIS, secretly practiced his Judaism but hid it from his captors, according to a fellow kidnap victim who was among those freed. The ISIS posted a video Tuesday showing the execution of Sotloff, less than two weeks after it distributed a similar video of the beheading of journalist James […]

           However, and why-ever Sotloff was publicly decapitated, perhaps ISIS got lucky, or thinking sinister thoughts, maybe Sotloff was sacrificed, either way his execution was just the issue needed to push a war-weary America back to the front lines of the Middle East..


    My Israeli server would not allow this post out. I was hit hard. I hope it got to you. I'm trying a new server. ANY RESPONSES SHOULD BE SENT TO  for now.The book you'll want to read, the black and white version, is:

    Bye Bye Gaza

    I survive by selling my books, my 10 DVDs, including The Secret War Against The Settlers, and through your kind contributions:

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