Tuesday, July 15, 2014


You don't know how creation is vital in life, both for the mind and the body. Being creative is an essential function of life. Nature is creative 100% of time. Everything, every moment in every place is different in nature, all the time, second after second. It is an infinite present.

See, a young human learns between 0/3 how much love & understanding he/she can expect in his/her immediate proximity. Aged 3/10, the same young fellow will learn how much of the same he/she can expect from the whole society. From 10/15, he will implement tactics for his future in mixing his desires (what he/she sees good for him/her) in the society as he/she has understood it according to his/her understood capacities to succeed.

From 0/15, the young human is creative in all aspects of life as an individual & a social being. From 15 onwards, he becomes more & more of a robots that learns & implement tactics, then, wait his turn to get the benefice of them. All creativity is gone. The young human becomes a number in a list with ready made roads with no side, no stop, no escape.

Creativity is linked with nature. It is our 'natural' ability to invent what we do. As much as possible. Our young man from 0/15 will invent all he does, from learning in a classroom, riding bicycle, dancing, cooking his first noodles ... all is new, all is useful, all has a creative potential.

Creativity is so much important because it is a potential of the soul, an expression of our inner forces. Creativity is the expression of all the soul's good qualities, patience, perseverance, love, imagination, generosity, sharing. Creativity is the necessary condition of a successful life, at home, at work, everywhere, all the time. If there was a right more important than a duty, this would be the right to be creative, the support of creativity as the best goal of humanity.

If we loose interest in life, life looses interest in us,

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