Thursday, June 19, 2014

GET REAL !!! ... or GET LOST


If something wrong is happening, if this something concerns the whole population and if it is known enough to be heard of at a rate of, say one time a year, or ten years, then, this something ought to trigger a reaction from you. If you do not deny it, whether it has to be denied by your principles, by who you are or by what you value and respect, I say, if you are not against it, you are for it. There is no middle way. But, if you however ride on this middle fantasy way, you lower yourself to a level of infamy.

All you have to do is becoming informed and the most basically daily news will tell you the truth if you can see it. If you go along with it and bury it under the rag by your own decision, you become a priest who goes with a whore, a soldier who fights with the enemy, an aggressor unto your own self. Then, you have to disguise yourself, to follow the fashion, to enter the circle of the damned. You get LOST. Ant it is quite easy, and quick, sometimes as fast as a spark.

The condition not to fall into this peril or to get out of it is to get real, with yourself. When you know for sure something is bad you are the one needed to fight it, for yourself in the first place; you should spend some of your life to do just that. Whether it is a general item, a local or a familial problem, you yourself are expected to not throw it in the shadow. If you nonetheless do that, you become a robot. You are no more the loving creature that you are expected to be, toward you yourself first, not even mentioning the others or God.
There are things that are aggravating that matter like poverty or luxury ... Both are transforming people into robots, the first to 'outlive' and the second to survive. The third class of robots is the one who don't care about anything as long as their basic needs are provided for.

Humanity has two inside enemies: the ones who want to dominate, to lead, to govern others by all means and the ones who are satisfied with the bread and games allowed by the first, and they are the majority by large. Humanity is still in the moral shape it was millenaries ago mostly because of that majority that is satisfied by a glass of wine and doesn’t care to unite against the small pocket of self- appointed ‘leaders’.

The precondition to get united is to understand and accept that we are not what we should be, as much individually as collectively. There are crimes against humanity that must be taken into account which we should fight against with no rest until their disappearance. We should and we could become better men, and women, if only we would care … together.

First of all, war has no place in humanity, political, economic or religious. Nation against nation, group against group, people against people. No one should give a hand to wars, near or far. Then, we should not pile up inside big cities but keep in touch with nature in our day today life, set up as much rural communities as needed and bring working places to the countryside. We should see the other as a fellow and friend, not as a competitor or a stranger.

We should follow the natural law, the natural order that is based on love and trust. Parents love their children and children love their parents. The strong must help the weak and should thank him for giving his strength a goal that has a noble meaning and not just self-interest. And so on, this is what life is about, elevating oneself with the other’s help. As I said at the beginning, there is no middle way. Either you follow these principle and it is a win-win, either you don’t and we all lose.   

"Of Course With G.od"

Mike B said (July 14, 2014):

The real problem and enigma is of course the mindset of the collective public, which can effectively be manipulated to side against logic, and rationalize immoral or exceptionalist positions. The real question is about the ability of discernment and the intellectual integrity of the public, particularly in the USA.
Demanding answers from the corrupted system is a dead end street, just like trying to present clear explanations to citizens who don't want clear explanations. I relate it to national elections, where your participation indicates your acceptance of a charade.
The collective obstinacy in the face of truth can be explained somewhat as genetic, as herd instinct, and the need for authorities,as the news media is assumed to be. Conditioning plays a part. Vague fears play a part, and having an identifiable enemy to bomb means that security is being defended.
- Another angle for understanding the public might be better explained by the resident voodoo specialist. All of the bad guys are connected to the occult in some manner. A spell involves focused thought, released as emotional energy at the conclusion of a ritual. The idea is to influence the perception of reality.
-The public is dis-empowered on a daily basis through the controlled culture, the lying mainstream media, and the diet of compromised foods. I'm saying that no one has to be convinced that 911 was an inside job. If they don't know by now you can be sure it is because they are not interested in knowing. The grassroots truth about 911 or the war would have spread like wildfire, even without the help of the controlled communications media, if the public was actually interested.

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