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No such a thing as nothing !

Do you drive ?

There's a not uncommon behavior on roads that is not following the center of one's lane, for some because they find it easier to let it so and do permanent corrections to keep the course, but other simply are unable to stay on tracks as evidensed in curves where many people just can't take the turn in a single controlled action by keeping the car parallel to the curve.

The reason why those people cannot keep the same distance from a continuously changing point is because they do not rely on a point that they should have created themselves  in order to manage that operation without being dependant on it, a distant point, as far as eyes can see toward the end of the curve, which itself must be changed continuously instead of the point right near the car on its side.

This distant point gives the radius of the curve and the real operation of keeping the car at the same distance from the side becomes keeping the same distance to the radius of the curve.

The operation moves inside by referring to a virtual point instead of a physical one. It becomes easier because the mind is much pore precise than the senses. It also not obscurated by rxterior phenomenas like the swell of other cars, although they remain a parameter in the action but as precendently, they are treated in comparison to an internal data which gives the security on the decision.

Well, what I have described about driving is a general component in one's life. If you keep going on by relying on the events close to you and only react to them, you are proned to get swelled all the time from sides to sides. Be it for a physical purpose, a social or a moral, it is a common practice to set aims in one’s life.

Let’s detail the process of setting an aim. There are some stages : Knowledge, choice, sticking to the choice and advancing it. Dependant on the individual, thoses stages will vary fundamentally because of the difference in the base, knowledge, and how one views life. But the process will stay the same, for good or for bad.

This is a serious matter and this is a human’s frontline activity. By chosing one’s aims, man is setting his borders, is defining what is permissible and what is not. To himself. This is not a right, this  is the duty of any responsible human being. Setting goals is the roots one must plant oneself because, if you don’t, the events, the environment have a lot for you to chose from …  If you don’t set your own ideal, your own last barrier, your own line to follow, you may turn dependable of events without the inner tool to confront them, as the driver in the curve.

About 'Precaution', I have found a jewel in the french edition.
At first, I believed it was the original wording of JF Cooper
and I wanted to read it in english but, I was amazed to find only
a flat sentence instead of the french diamond !
Here it is:

Speaking of God, He is described as

"Celui qui mesure le vent à la force du jeune agneau"

("He who measures the wind to the strength of the young lamb")

Well done Mr Defauconpret !!

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