Tuesday, May 20, 2014


As I have explained before*, there are no Jews without Israel or better said, outside of Israel only because being a Jew is not an individual identity but the consequence of being part of a paople, the Jewish people and, without a country to host this very people, there is no people at all. This country being exclusively Israel by the will of God.

That said, Israel as it is today has been recreated by the ennemies of Mankind, the ennemies of the faith in the God of Abraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov, the ennemies of the Jewish people and at a lesser extent of Christians. This explains why those evil people have resorted to alter the faith of both Jews and Christians by promoting in their midst traitors that would discredit not only their faith in God but the premises upon which this faith is based.

For the Jews, it is about the centraliry of Israel and their task has been devoted to make of Israel a country of shame by turning into shame anyone who view what they have done of the return to Zion, zionism. For Christians, and this concerns nearly exclusively Americans because they are the last ones in the Christian world who have kept their faith alive in the day today life, for Christians, it is by turning America into a country of shame in a similar way done with Israel by having made of it an abomination to the world in being a worldwide agressor and a wicked and dissoluted place. They have also tied the fate of both Israel and America by design to tear down the original Jewish and Christian faiths.

I have already explained that** but I feel that the NWO, PTB, whatever, and we perfectly know who they are, are nearing the point where they feel that this part of their 'mission' is accomplished and that they can unleash their design to have the total control they seek take a new avenue through the rise of China & Russia on the frontline without being hindered by any opposition from Christian america and Jewish Israel, the only two nations today who could have turned to God in order to balance their submission to Satan.

"End of transmission", may your souls be always warm by loving God, and one another, brothers !!


>> Lebanese Jewish community: We have no connection to Israel

I'm the only one on earth to have understand what you can read above and elsewhere in my blogs.
Yes people, I'm just proud of myself thank's God and 99.99999% of you all are useful idiots.
Not that I hate you, I don't, but it makes me sad to see such a general willful blindness around me.

The least animal is more faithful to God than anyone of us because animals don't have to feel rewarded
before doing good and to learn how to do it.
So, please, try to learn if you can !!!!

(btw, i wish mr Putin would read this because i fear he'll be the one to unleash the dark forces fron the north,
ie: through china - w - and not knowing it)

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