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Hi all !!! This is maybe the most important article I have written since 10 years of blogging !!
(but not the best written, sorry for that !)

Is the world over-populated ?

Yes and no.

Yes, overpopulation is a disturbing reality but only in some places, and those places account for only a tiny little part of earth's landmass, namely, big cities.

By design, and not randomly, people are stacked in small areas like sardines in a box.By design of malvolent 'elites' but also, and I would say mostly, by stupidity and selfishness of the people who rush into their own prepared 21st century gas chambers.

The trend is not new though but as old as humanity, as I explained in this article: "Running Out of Wrongs in Our Nimrodian ‘Civilization’".

The problem with us is that we view ourselves better off with a 'Bellyful' and an empty heart than the contrary. We suppose at large that life is good when we fulfill our material needs. Yet, this is the most prevalent illusion of mankind from phrehistoric ages. Life is not a material achievement but a spiritual one. Whoever believes the contrary is lying in an abyss of evil.

A fatty mind is the primordial disease to be linked with a fatty body. Man is generally obscured with the thought that being plenty is the goal. Plenty of food, plenty of earnings,  plenty of knowing. Alas, being or becoming plenty is the right way to the tomb. We are, as human beings, made to be a receptacle of the eternal light of God's wisdom and as though, we should not aim at becoming plenty of anything except curiosity of the unknown. What is the unknown ? It is the other, one's fellow that is seeing the world from another view, another angle. Everyone of us is an individual prism that sees things through a particular lens, a one of a kind focus. This focus is an infinitesimal part of the whole reality and the goal, if there is one, is to coordinate, to share all of these focuses to attain the whole, the true picture of who we are.

This goal cannot be attained individually, and we've got to share what we see in order to get the whole picture of who we are. This is a natural way of being and people are keen to aggregate in the aim. But, we ought to do this outside the programs created by the Matrix, meaning the people who bet on our natural desire to share our personalities and fall into their prepared spiderweb.

Are you a Facebooker, a Linkeldin user ? Well, you've got hanged with the Elite's noose.
The only and real way out is to create self sufficient rural communities across the world. The world as it is NOW is mostly an empty place, not much different as it was hundreds years ago !!!

Most of the world, even in developped nation like GB, France or Brasil are for their most part empty (of man's footprint) places. Look at Google Earth !! As I said at the beginning, people are crowded by design in urban areas. This is NOT a fatality.

Some times ago, I posted on Youtube a video of LKJ, Linton Kwesi Johnson, about the need of creating Local Independant Communities to survive as a species. What should be added, and this is in fact essential, is to create Local Independant RURAL communities. Where LKJ was right is because he viewed things from an internal point of view, say London intramuros. But the global game asks for a more thoughtful analysis and this analysis points towards free spaces that lie at our disposal worldround in the countryside.

Yes People, LOOK AT GOOGLE MAPS !!!!!!!
Don't YOU see the evidence ????
The world is MOSTLY EMPTY !!!!!!

Only big cities and urban areas are overcrowded. Yes, even in crowded Indonesia, India or China, the countryside is mostly empty. Not by chance. In Israel too.

Now, for those of you who have read until here, let me tell you a secret. In Israel, the villages are mostly Kibbutzim and, in the 'Chtarim' Territories, villages are called 'Ychuvim', settlements, and most of these Ychuvim are located on hilltops, not by chance either but rather because of a 3000 years old reason ! At the time of Yehoshua (Josuah), Jews failed to conquer many of the hilltops contrary to God's order and, today, the Jewish presence on these same hilltops is not because the Arabs failed to occupy them, although this is linked also to the same reason, but because it is the proof that the twentieth century return of Jews (whatever these 'Jews' are) in Israel has been made possible not because of a Rotschild/English masterplan but in accordance with God's word for the Jews to fulfill what they had failed to do at the time of their first coming into Israel when, at the time, hilltops where the favorite places for pagans to held sacrifices to their idols.

The goal, the one and only goal of an anti-NWO movement should be to fortify, to beef up, to steenghten, to invigorate and support rural communities. This is the future of humanity, no less, no more.

>>>  must read !!!

Evil exists as long and as much as we tolerate it.
Take the difference between poor and rich countries ... and people.
From 0.03$/h, and less (Uganda ...) to 16.88 in Australia, and maybe more than 25 which was rejected as a minimum wage in Switzerland,  the poorests' minimum average  is 566 times lower than the richests' lowest pay. If these numbers do not give a real clue as to people's wellness, they however give an indication of huge differences in life.
The natural answer might be to upgrade from the base but this should be considered only if and after the high paid nations find urgent ways to downgrade their wasteful ways of life. The whole planet must run from the cities and create small independant rural communuties, poor and rich along. This is the only path to a general wellbeing, good health, physical and mental.
All kind of traditional work should be encouraged like working with materials, land, plants and animals. We must get closer to the countryside and stop working for a virtual reality that is driving mankind's wagon to its loss, concurrently with the daily shame that the poors must endure.
The responsability in taking part with the evil  people's work that is destroying lives worldwide is inestimable as much as the lowering of one's soul it entails. Yes, that is the true hell*: lowering one's soul by a life long acceptance of others' unending suffering.

To escape the tyrants, we MUST go to the countryside. It is not by chance that Agenda 21 is trying to ban people outside urban areas. It is not by chance that the most tyranical country in the world, China, is opressing rural communities, as America, as France ...

Our one and only way out is in enhancing rural independant communities. Take my word, I don't earn a penny about it !!!

The Elite’s Flawed Depopulation Agenda is Quickly Morphing into Genocide
Overpopulation is a Myth !

NB: There is a great initiative underway that can provide help to projects in rural communities, many of them in remote places trying to fund sustainable living :

Independant from any governmental or NGO interference, it on an individual basis of exchange ... Great idea !


Look at Chile, Argentina, the USA too, Europe, Russia, Cambodia ... everywhere !


* What is Hell ?

It is not an outside realm as many religions describe it but an inside condition where the soul after having been lowered by a long time practice of vices reaches a point where it sees itself darkened and unable to share the peace, the beauty, the joy of other beings who meanwhile have elevated their own souls by staying honest and good. It doesn't seem much of a trouble unless you understand the significance of this self inflicted inescapable unending abyss where those who finally realize their condition fall. 

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