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The main psychological root of mankind's illness is the inability of individuals to live their individuality.
In nature, each animal has the inner power to behave as an individual. All of them, even those who live in tribes, from the leopard to the ant, from the wolve to the spider. Animals obey to the natural laws of their species but beyond these, they are first and foremost independant creatures. Their behaviors are primarily defined by the ability they have to engage in collective tasks while keeping their own personality free from the general rule. This is the most striking example of natural freedom achieved through a collective relationship.

Men, and women, on the contrary are too often lost as independant beings. They long to be part of a group in order to avoid the responsability of being independant. They forego their natural liberty as individuals to become a wheel in a machine, a number in a collective entity.

There is a cost to retain one's individuality free from outside management. This cost is often unbearable because it implies being aware of what one's own life is about, having an absolute to stick to. Being free begins here and nowhere else, being free is being able to sustain one's individuality at all cost against the collectives boulevards designed for those who seek guidance outside one's personal identity.

The two most inclusive way out one's free individuality are army and religion. Being part of a nation, a material kingdom, and being part of a faith, a spiritual kingdom. The third kingdom where individuals who are unable to stand up to their individuality is the moral submission to different laws or the stand off with them. Religion, army and law are the three avenues for individuals to lose voluntarily their individuality, their freedom.

This does not mean we are made to live alone. No, on the contrary, as in the animal kingdom, we must enjoy being together, with brothers and sisters, with families and groups, but not at the expense of relinquishing our individuality. Actually, we will not be able to live together if we give up to our individuality. We can share anything except our own will to be a free individual. Individual freedom is the corner stone of life, of collective freedom. I don't have the right to be a free individual but I have the duty to be as such. The main duty in one's life is not to abnegate individual freedom at all cost. Individual freedom is the basis of my life ... and of yours, my neighbour, my fellow, my friend ! As is yours.

(to be continued)

The main contemporary reference of this analysis is probably Jon Rappoport.

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