Tuesday, December 05, 2017


To summarize humanity's current situation is quite easy; and that is not conspiration theory but reality facts ...

We live in a fake society. Fake news, yes but more importantly fake leaders, fake politics, fake economy, fake medicine, fake education, fake food, fake water, fake air, ... and more so, fake interests, fake morality, fake liberty, fake equality, in a world fake everything, fake humanity, fake ourselves, fake children, fake future !!

On the other hand, most of us pay hard bucks for all these fakes, many get ill, many others die, for THAT no hope situation.

All this fake is conscientiously kept as it is by the government, has always been and always will be as long as there are governments. Because it is the main interest of governments that people live in a fake world. And, before that the natural elements had been polluted to the extent of the current ‘civilization’, there is one fake field where governments have continually pushed for, that is beliefs, stupid beliefs, stupidity of the peoples, disabled minds (notably through religious myths).

It must be acknowledged that if peoples were different, so would be governments, and if peoples where truly humans, there would be no governments because peoples would govern themselves in peace. But, nonetheless, if blaming the governments doesn’t help because they are only the profiteers, the organizers if you want of an established situation, blaming the peoples should be mitigated.

Contrary to governments, peoples do not seek such a situation where they are slaves. Most individuals are relatively normal and good people, taken individually. More so, there are among them very good people who do care of others and themselves, everywhere. But the collective, the relationships driven by the collective, the collective’s state of evolution is always the stumbling block. The culprit is the sentiment of superiority which is the basic rule of societal relationships. Individuals always compare themselves to one another to determine who is superior to the other.

In this deadly exercise, since everyone is equal in one’s desire to be considered the best, the basic rule of superiority is the lowest one, the most accessible to everyone and it appears to most that the easier way to achieve superiority lies in the least good behavior, in the least morality, in the lowest aspects of humankind. Since this game is the most important one on earth for humans, everything is deemed acceptable when the net result is success. Cheating, betraying, hurting, even killing are legitimate means. Because human beings are naturally trusting, helping, loving creatures, peoples have learned to profit of these traits in order to deceive and win.

The result is a perverted society that hates everything that would take it to higher levels because there would be less of competition, less of vanity displaying, less of opportunity to reward the basic instinct of feeling superior. Rules of superiority are the most important in humanity and they are provided by the dumbest part of it, as I said. The general quest for sovereignty is determined by the peoples at large who, even when they get rid of absolute leaders, last no time before proclaiming themselves ‘Sovereign peoples’ and then, at once do they look for their own leaders, their own representatives to be governed by.

Looks like the first wish of man is to bow before another man … Bowing in front one another is the highest form of respect, isnt’it ? (no matter if there is a sword behind) The only sovereignty is nature, and oneself. Be your own king, reign on yourself, if possible !

Alas, although the feeling of superiority is the strongest of social relations, it is not the most widespread. Apathy is the one. “Things have always been such … Why bother ?” Yes, things have always been wrong, why should I care ?  Answer: “For yourself”. Because a society is composed of all its elements and it is only the elements’ change that can bring a social change. Because you’re bored of being fooled, stop fooling yourself. Because you’re disgusted of nasty ‘traditions’ where there is a boss everywhere entitled to everything you wrongly dream of, stop desiring those wrongs. Because you’re illness comes from a perverted society, care for yourself, and be happy …

Well, not that happy until enough people will do the same but meanwhile, you have a goal to be proud of, instead of experiencing sugar flashes that turn into despair when on your own. 

Maussane-les-Alpilles, 1980

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