Saturday, December 02, 2017


This was not an earthquake, neither a world war, nor an epidemy. Definitely not black, neither white. Not a neutron bomb, not an alien invasion, not a financial crach and not a flee in the soup.

A guy, named Charvey, who loves women for what they are not, at least not only, and would love all the more a 'real woman' that is not "boring" with her too often "off topic" reactions, a woman with a reduced potential concerning everything that messes with pleasure like sentiments, money, reward, bad eye, whatever, a living robot, well alive that is, just like you and me.

That guy altered some of the functions described above in a woman's genome. She, later, when the predator released its prey, had children. Her children were baring the "insensitivity" traits of their mother and these genes became dominant ones ...

This scenario, the first part, is actually happening, save that the woman is a man, a Chinese GMO man, no less, the first one officially although some people have already tried on themselves ! Well, there's even a "Do it yourself" kit for sale ... Private business, isnt'it. Or is it ?!

The tech used is called CRISPR. With a worldwide alliance of scientists working together promoted by Liebert, the no-gender philosophy theorist.

Just a shade of grey ...

If an historian survives the dramatic event that will terminate our current civilization, one way or another in the future, he would write about the 300 years surrounding the year 2000 just what Henri Makow writes non-stop, that this was the time when a satanic cult ruled the world, but he would add, unlike Henri, that ‘the world’, humanity was made of dumb masses self-enslaved to their stupidity and their depravity, voluntarily ignorant bigots that cherish their respective golden calves.

So yes, the elites kill the good ones and we still mourn Bob Marley and the likes because one of them might have finished by turning the cards around in the people’s minds. Yes, the elites wage an unlimited war over mankind in all aspects of life, the worst being keeping then idiots by all means, the core lie being what is called ‘mandatory instruction’. This only one thing is stealing humanity of its children together with poverty, poverty that you can feel until the middle class of ‘developed’ countries, poverty of life and of spirit.

Africa has paid an incredible toll to the elites, in Africa itself where the ‘culture’ is one of tribal war, family honor and violent rule over others, all that permitted the selling of young people for slavery overseas. Indeed, the slaves in America were not better off but not in a worse condition than in Africa until they got their ‘liberty’ to become full fledge servants of the white supremacist Anglo-Saxon civilization. Those that discovered that their former servitude was less impoverishing or less depredating than the new one were assassinated. Like a lot else until today.

While thousands of politicians, artists, scientists (…) were put aside, a terrible social engineering took place that added new illusions to the old ones so that nothing holds anymore except beer and a screen. Add to this permanent illnesses, permanent wars, permanent pressure at work and at home, permanent fear, in the lowest possible environment, megacities, except for the few of a few, permanent isolation from family members, from the neighborhood, from nature, from arts, from beauty, say real beauty, not manufactured in China …

China, and India where each year, ten million individuals die of pollution. Yes, the current state of humanity is a big polluted mess. It is not God Who died but Hope, true hope in a rising sun. Instead of helping one another, of caring and loving, people have desegregated into a desperate state. In the slum, one finds warlords. North Korea, Isis, the military-industrial complex of each state, even the smallest one, militias, guns, drugs, trumps, putins, mafias, priests, mullahs, infidels, guardians, snipers, skyscrapers, minarets, bombs, lexuses, vodka, what else ? Nearly all that is, around us, close to us, our babies, our own flesh is trapped in that deadly spiral, the matrix some call it.

Did I write something ?

Revenge belongs to God
and justice to man.

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