Sunday, December 17, 2017


First and foremost, life means unity, unity of origin and unity of goal. Man must stop thinking in terms of duality or multiplicity, especially when considering mankind’s nature.

Mankind is not made of individuals nor groups but families. Family is the brick of humanity as it is for all evolved life forms. Family is the single unit and the only source of unity in the society. The individual and the group are both artificial abstracts developed for the use of profiteers, parasites, troublemakers.

Indeed, the preeminent role of family has been well deciphered by people who want to dominate others. Family has been hijacked, ruled upon by all and every institution that pretends to enforce its principles on people. Either by being targeted for destruction, or by being sanctified and dehumanized, family is always guilty and knocked down (open your eyes and look at all what is through this prism ...).

One could gauge the true well-being of a people by the one of its families. By such a standard, only the Amazon’s Indian tribes, so-called ‘primitive’ would come to light. Life is not Yin and Yang, and not multi-polar. Matter is. Life is beyond matter, life is one and its oneness lies in the ability to reproduce itself, to perpetuate and develop its qualities through family, nothing else. "You are my brother, my parent because nature made you such. If I revolt against you, I revolt against nature, against myself". 

Mankind should think in terms of families and communities, no more. Groups, states, clubs are the tool to distract individuals from their families. Common good, individual good are lies. Even when they are golden lies, they remain lies, bloody lies because they are the basis of all mayhem in the world. Families are the trees of the human forest. Family is the unit. What's good for it is good for both the individual and the community.

Glory, power, competition, abuse, violence come from the illusion of the group and the deification of the self. Family should be the root of authority, the keeper of morality and the basis of education. Until family does not have the first and the last word, things will go astray. Family is the norm, the sprout, the spark where from comes the ultimate good of people: life. Family should be cherished, nurtured, embellished, loved, and enhanced ... A brave old world  !

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