Tuesday, December 12, 2017


No, I do not allude to AI, to robots or other Frankenstein.  The life machine, the only one is man. We are born to be alive. The main goal of life is to live. Although that sentence could look simple-minded, on the contrary, it means a lot, a lot that we, in our material world have forgotten, if ever we did learn anything about it.

To begin with, open your eyes and look inside as Bob said. Where is life ? In every living entity and the easier to reach is oneself. That doesn’t mean it is the easiest to understand ! But at least, it provides a starting point. Just take off the different masks you have dressed. Then, think that the atoms your body is made with are billions years old and that life itself appeared, as far as we know, on earth, some four billions years ago. Life that should not have appeared at all if considering its scarcity in a wild, wild, universe, where formidable forces are at work continuously, in the dark or under unbearable lights and temperatures. Life is a kind of antimatter ! But life is.

Although the earth is turning at high speed in the more frantic speed of the galaxy, there is on earth an apple tree standing in the silence enriched by birds songs that man can hear while just stretching his arm to eat an apple … Then, one can draw the tree, resolve a mathematical problem in its shade, but that’s another story. Not that it has less value but that, in the order of things, that is an afterward. “That” holds on the root of life which is not any root: it is a kind of miracle root and the sole of its kind.

This seed of life upon which we human build has its own history and destiny, its own meaning, its own teachings. We use them, we defy them, we forget them, we ignore or transgress them but they are, and they are what matters, in the end and at the beginning, nothing else. This must be understood, accepted and developed the right way, and, in mankind’s history, only a few individuals did build with that. Because respecting life in man, if that was the case, would have never brought societies at war as we have had since ever.

Because, after some five thousand years of ‘civilized’ human life, the earth should be a paradise, for each and every living entity. The model is clear and up to anyone to see, to understand, to maximize, to enrich. Colors, sounds, textures, patterns, rhythms, melodies, ambiances, contrasts, movement, drawings, tastes, with an infinity of shades, with a permanent variety, with a conscientious mood but ready to be happy, a smile behind the ears,  innovative, curious, creative, vigilant, mindful, friendly, beautiful, delicate, grateful, enthusiast, faithful, helpful, spontaneous, that’s life.

All these magnificent characteristics are embedded in every life form with an infinity of varieties, Man has his share and his duty as well as his happiness is to build on them, to develop, to enrich this prestigious inheritance.

You don’t have to speed but to hold on.
You don’t have to reach but to tend to.
You don’t have to compete but to share.
You don’t have to bow but to smile.
You don’t have to comment but to act.
You don’t have to seem but to be.

Mankind has changed the most in two hundred years than it did before because it has become a connected whole, on one side, and it has become the largest biomass on earth.

Those two criteria have considerably weakened its resilience that lies in diversity, in adaptive potential, in creative exchange between different people.

At its beginning, this explosive situation could have taken another turn, had man been intelligent. As Wells puts it : “In your time the feudal lords no longer existed, and the domination of money was to be born. Half of the men who populated the land lived in the open countryside: the cities had not yet devoured them.”

This was the middle of the 19th century. People had the fresh experience of absolutism, by monarchy and republic as well, the beginning of the city’s evils, with London and Paris, and many did conceive the solution of empowering, sanitizing the countryside but not enrich the big town’s sharks. Already at this time, the Physiocrats followers like Henri Georges and many other bright minds knew the road to take, to no avail.

As usual, force won quietly accompanied by money changers and cult leaders. But, for it is now global and takes more time, evolution did not stop, desires of freedom even if ill applied still live, mankind learns and it is its duty to keep away from the dangers of its present situation, to reverse the steam and move forward on new grounds, on ideas that have sadly never been practiced until we reached our present tipping point of a global evil leading to the cliff.

Goals must change, in finance and institutions, practices must change, in justice and economy, spirits must change in education and property: the only valuable property, by light years, is the moral one, followed by the educational and the intellectual. Materiality is a disease like all the industrial world’s illnesses that have spread, a cancer that can stop with new ways, new aims, new moods. And every human has to do the change, to take part in this ‘one in a destiny’ chance. No waiting, just do it, because there is a kind of gravity force that takes masses lower and lower, and that at an exponential speed according to the masses’ density … Also because, of course, of the ones that profit of the system and believe that they control it, although they don’t, in the end, or now.  At least, as soon as we want to. 

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