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71 by Barry Chamish (& more)

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From Harper's Jan. 2014
"Percentage of American Jews who believe that following Jewish law is essential to Jewish identity : 19"
"Who believe that having a sense of humor is : 42"

      Believing this statistic is accurate, and I do, can lead to disturbing conclusions. American Jews by over 2-1 define themselves not by the Torah, but by appreciation of a good joke. Soon I understood, one does not necessarily preclude the other. While contemplating the issue, I was watching a popular American tv sitcom when its two Jewish stars, Mayim Bialik and Simon Heldberg, stole the screen with their rendition of Neil Diamond. That was me singing on the screen.
      And like me, the comic writer, Ben Hecht, you know him from The Front Page, discovered the grim truth of Rudolph Kastner and Adolph Eichmann, the deal to save a few thousand Labor Zionists and condemn the remaining 800,000 for the Nazi slaughter, and he exposed it all in his book, Perfidy.
      A heightened sense of humor permits a glimpse of the horrid truth. Before this truth about Israel's history took over my writing personality, I was a terrific comic writer. My last piece of humorous fiction was my novel, 1971. The BBC produced one chapter in the '90s and that was its sole success. I submitted Chapter Two - Easter Holidays to the BBC. They called it "lovely" but too topical for them. Enjoy a highly edited edition of funny me:
    I can visualize the scene quite clearly now. I am with Arla climbing the steps to the new house Sid and Marty had rented together. They moved in during the Easter break from school. Arla and I had returned from a trip to Minneapolis and this was the first visit to the house for us.
    Marty was a hedonistic hippie with a tremendous penchant for practical jokes. He was in the true spirit of the Yippies. He had arranged notable jokes while under the influence of whatever drug was in town that week.
    Marty had taken a trip one summer to Israel. He worked on an archaeological dig in the Galilee. The dig was settled by Ancient Israelites, Greeks, Roman, Byzantines, Arabs and Ottoman Turks.  At the end of the day, the workers could have their pick of less valuable artifacts such as pothandles, bricks and glass shards. Marty had a pile of these when he returned from Canada.
    In the Fall of 1970, Marty had a brainwave. Acting upon it, he went to the Archaeology Department of the university with a pothandle and a piece of blown glass. He met the head of the lab and told him he was digging near his farm when he found these. He asked to have them examined and dated. The head of the lab was reluctant but when Marty said he'd pay he said he's check them for free.

    A week later he called Marty.
    "Marty. It's Dr. Waller."
    "How are you, man?"
    "Fine. Listen, Marty. About your artifacts."
    "Yeah, man."
    "We'd like to see the site where you dug them up."
    "Sorry, man. I can't do that."
    "Why not?"
    "It's personal, man. I just can't touch that place. It would be desecration."
    "Marty. We think your pothandle is of a design used in Ancient Israel. We've dated it that old already."
    "What about the glass, man?"
    "Byzantine, Marty. Many theories on the origin of the American Indian will be aided if you show us your site, Marty."
    "I'm sorry, man. I just can't do it."
    Marty stood his ground. A week later he received a phone call.
    "Marty, it's Dr. Waller."
    "How are you, man?"
    "I'm sorry, man. I just can't do that. There's a serious matter of principle I just can't breech."
    "Look Marty. A lot of very important people are very excited about what I told them. A lot of people in a lot of universities are looking towards my proof of an exciting new theory on the origins of the American Indian. We can't disappoint them."
    "Ethics are ethics, man. I can't take you there."
    "Marty. I spoke to many people this week. From all over the continent I phoned them. And many actually laughed at me. We can't let them laugh anymore. Marty, unless you show me the site, they'll always laugh at me."
    "I'm sorry,man. I really am. I shouldn't have brought you those things."
    "Oh no, Marty. I'm very grateful. Really I am. Yesterday I was an anonymous professor at an obscure Canadian university and tomorrow I'll be an important classic in my field. MARTY, TAKE ME TO THE SITE. FOR GOD'S SAKE."
    "It's for His sake that I can't take you there. Believe me."
    "Look, Marty. I'm not getting any younger. New, young people are getting the jobs at Yale and Virginia. Unless I offer something important I'll always be passed by. Marty, it's my last chance. That handle is Herodian. Do you know what that means? That means some Indians were in contact with or were Israelite craftsmen at the time of Herod. Marty, in the name of the humanities and all that is decent, I appeal to you, take me to the site."
    "I'm sorry, man."
    "Then have pity on my dying soul. Better, I'll pay you. How much do you want, Marty? Name the price. I'll acknowledge you in my book. I'll say you discovered a lost tribe of Israel. You can have all the profits of the first book. I don't want the money. I just want to get out of here. Maybe lecture on the circuit for a while and then retire as head of the department of a middle-size but prestigious southern school. I want to be free, Marty. HELP ME."
    "I'm sorry, man. I just can't."
    "Alright, I hate to say it but if you don't take me to your site I'll kill you."
    "Calm down, man. I just can't do it."
   That week was tough for Marty. Twice he stepped on a road of the university and both times a white Volvo tried to run him down. In the library he was sitting at a table on the main floor when an entire encyclopedia in ten volumes fell on either side of him from the mezzanine. Every time there was an incident a deep, frightened voice would yell, "LAMENT."

*** (we skip to the end of the chapter)

 We were some ten miles from the Canadian border when Arla began that conversation.

    "When we get back is it going to be the same?"
    "What do you mean?"
    "I mean the last four days have been normal. No tricks, no drugs, acting civilized. Do we have to go back to the old way? Why can't it always be like this?"
    "Because I bore easily. I'm amused by the imagination of my friends."
    "Do you love them?"
    "I guess so if I thought about it."
    "Why don't you ever think about love?"
    "I'm busy."
    "So why are we together?"
    "If you don't like it, leave."
    "You can say that but you'd crack if I did."
    "Then stay. I don't care."
    "Yes you do. Tell me you love me."
    "Not now. Later."
    "Why not now? Who's watching?"
    "It's not that. You know."
    "No I don't. Do you want me to stay with you?"
    "Then tell me you love me."
    "I won't give in to blackmail. Never. Now I'll never say it."
    "You'll say it before we we cross that border or we're through."
    "Never. Now when we get to that border you will kindly not be bitchy because I look like a hippie and they've had a tough year for drugs."
    She didn't answer nor say a word all the way to the border station. At the station the attendant looked at me and decided he must go through all my belongings. We pulled over and I opened the back trunk. While he was searching through the packages Arla asked him what he was looking for."
    "Drugs, ma'am. There is a lot of Orange Sunshine LSD coming up from the States."

    Arla smirked and answered, "My, that is good news for a returning traveller."
    I stopped breathing for a minute. The attendant looked at Arla and said, "I wish you hadn't of said that ma'am. I'll only have to search you more thoroughly."
    We were both taken to private rooms and waited until approved police people arrived. We were then examined everywhere. When I left my examination Arla met me outside laughing.
    "Now tell me you love me," she giggled.
    We walked to the car and the attendant gave us back our packages to be returned to the trunk. Arla approached and asked, "Everything alright?"
    "Yes, ma'am."
    "Oh, thank God you didn't check the tires," she answered, covering her mouth quickly after like she let something slip. The attendant screamed to his partner,"Hey, Fred. Call Al at the garage and have him come over here. I think we got a big fish."
    I, not hearing this, sat in the car and started it. Fred came over and drew his gun. "OUT," he yelled.
    "I don't understand."
    "I said out and I mean NOW!"
    He yanked me out by the scruff of my collar and made me stand facing the station wall. Arla stood beside me.
   "What did you do?"
    "Tell me you love me."

    The tow truck came and took off the tires. They were searched one by one and when nothing was found I filed a complaint against the service I had received. I was, after that, forced to put all four tires back on the car. When I had just about finished, Arla crouched beside me and the jack. When the attendant's feet were opposite us on the other side of the car, Arla whispered very audibly, "It's a good thing he didn't check the radiator. We would have ended up in jail. Promise me this is the last time."
    "Come on, not again," replied Fred. "I think we're harassing them."
    "Just call Al, will you? THe hooch is in the radiator. COME ON YOU TWO. ON YOUR FEET. BACK TO THE WALL. YOU KNOW WHERE IT IS."
    Arla and I stood facing the station wall again.
    "Tell me you love me. I'm full of tricks today. You like tricks, remember?"
    "Lament stupid. It's for your own good."

    Al came back again and checked the radiator. At great time and trouble to himself he declared it clean. After he left, the attendant walked us to the car. He put his hand on the door and Arla screamed, "DON'T LOOK INSIDE THAT DOOR. PLEASE DON'T LOOK INSIDE IT."
    He turned to Fred and then to Arla.
    "No, ma'am. You've made a fool of me long enough. Just leave."
    Arla's game was over. We crossed the border and she didn't say a word for fifteen miles. Then she said, "Let's drive off the road."
    "No thanks."
    "I mean it. The two of us. Let's drive off the road now."
    "I don't want to drive off the road. I'm not up to it today." She grabbed the wheel and started turning it.
    "NO, you don't understand. We have to drive off the road. HAVE TO." I pushed her hard against her door and she crawled into a fetal slouch. "We're through," she said. "It's for real now. We're really through." Then she didn't say anything but just sulked. I looked at the seat beside me and saw a very beautiful woman, crawled into a corner, swallowing a lot. Her hand was over her eyes so she wouldn't have to look at me. I stopped the car thirty miles from home and turned it around.
    "Where are we going?"
    "Shut up."
    I drove the thirty five miles to the border. The American attendant came out to greet me.
    "Officer, I filled up with gas in Pembina a half day ago and left my wallet at the station. Can I run in and get it?"
    "Yeah, I remember you from four days ago. Hurry though, cause if you're not back in half an hour I'll have the state cops out on you."
    I drove one foot into America, turned to Arla and said, "I love you." I backed up to the attendant and said, "I know it's crazy but I just found my wallet on the floor." I turned the car around and drove to the Canadian border.  Fred came out to attend to us. He looked at us and said, "Once wasn't enough? You're going to try it again? Get moving and I swear the next time you try it, the Mounties'll be waiting for you."
    Arla was ecstatic all the way home.
    "I always knew you did."
    "Shut up."
    "It just was a matter of time."
    "No more."
    I remember walking into Sid and Marty's new place for the first time. And I remember vaguely not caring about their new place. I remember walking outide to see Marty's garden.
    "You see this, man? I'm going to dig it up and make a garden this summer."
    "What're you going to plant, pothandles?"
    "Yeah, that was a great trick, eh man?"
    "It was nothing."
    "What do you mean, man? It was genius."
    "It was nothing."


     My book, 1971, was never published. It exists only as a 177 page manuscript. I can provide you with a numbered, personally signed edition but it costs me to photocopy, bind and collate the work. It's yours for $80 in the US and $100 from abroad. Support this work, and you keep me going...
     Until someone will be my loyal webmaster and put it on
     Til then, this manuscript is yours exclusively.


                                by Barry Chamish      06/02/2014                   
In the first month of '14, two events occurred that united the struggle within the Jewish people and explained the horror we have to live with, which is no less seminal to our history than the Roman decimation of Israel 2000 years ago.
    And no Jew uttered even a peep of understanding. And this ignorance will cost us mightily.
    First, a remarkable document was uncovered and its discovery led to incredible efforts to excuse its significance.
       An investigation of Jewish land purchases in the '30s by the To The Hill organization has been undertaken by the Kfar Etzion field school. To the great shock of the researchers, a letter from Shai Glaser, on the organization board, to Adolph Hitler was uncovered. It read: To The Honored Reichsfuhrer Adolph Hitler, my organization asks you to transfer German Jews to Palestine without interference. In exchange for transferring these export items, we have deposited 100,000 liras in the Bank of Germany. I' will be arriving in Germany on May 15 and hope to meet with you to confirm the purchase.

       The stunned researchers offered the usual deluded excuse: It was tough times and we had to use any strategy to save Jews from the Nazis. This baloney sweeps under the carpet that the Labor Zionists were working with our vicious enemies while concoting reasons to expel religious and right wing Jews from leadership in our unofficial parliament, the Jewish agency.

By 1934, the majority of German Jews got the message and turned to the only Jewish organization allowed by the Nazis, the Labour Zionists. For confirmation of the conspiracy between them and Hitler's thugs read The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black, Perfidy by Ben Hecht or The Scared And The Doomed by Jacob Nurenberger. The deal cut worked like this. The German Jews would first be indoctrinated into Bolshevism in Labour Zionism camps and then, with British approval, transferred to Palestine. Most were there by the time the British issued the White Paper banning further Jewish immigration. The Labour Zionists got the Jews they wanted, and let the millions of religious Jews perish in Europe without any struggle for their survival.

      When the Holocaust ended, the Labor Zionists found a new ally in Israel, the British. They connived to round up opposition Jews and either have them executed by the British or sent to their camps in Africa. And this war of the Jews, which the descendants of the dead rarely acknowledge, continues unabated today. Here is a contemporary example of the Israeli authorities at war with the Jewish people:

Rabbi Hillel Reines, a resident of Yitzhar in Samaria, spoke to Arutz Sheva on Friday morning about his son-in-law Yehuda Landsberg, who was arrested at the beginning of the week over suspicions of involvement in "price tag" vandalism. Yehuda has not been seen since the arrest, and his family has not been allowed to see or talk with him. His father-in-law posits that he may be being held at the Shabak (Internal Security) headquarters near Petach Tikvah.

      Pushing the "debate" over price tag vandalism is the head of the Shabak during the Rabin murder, Carmi Gillon. He was in on the assassination with Israel's current president Shimon Peres. For the whole picture read my study,  Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin:

  Carmi Gillon criticizes authorities' handling of 'price tag' perpetrators, says any progress in peace talks will bring forth terrorist acts
Gillon, who was director of Shin Bet during the Rabin administration, said he believed the issue of the "price tag" acts "falls between the cracks, between police and the Shin Bet.""We can't let the 'price tag' issue disappear from our agenda. The political system and the police are helpless in the face of this very dangerous phenomenon."Gillon said that the fact that "price tag" vandals were not dubbed a terrorist group is an oversight of the Shin Bet, among other organizations. "We can catch them, but the question remains if we can try them," Gillon said, "When you call it a terrorist organization there is a lot more room for action."I think we don't act firmly enough against rabbis who practice incitement."Shortly after the Rabin assassination, Gillon commissioned an inquiry as to the security failure, as the government appointed an official committee, the Shamgar Commission, to investigate. During the commission's hearings Gillon resigned after he was deemed responsible for the security oversight.

     While in Shabak custody, alienated from everyone including his family, Reines received or was appointed a Shabak lawyer:

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir spoke of the assault and accusations of "price tag," arguing "people doing 'price tag' don't go in the middle of the day, don't go about without means of defense, and don't do it in a group."

      Ben Gvir's Shabak employment has been witnessed by thousands yet Reines and his compatriots allow him to infiltrate the settler movement unopposed:

Matar had enough righteousness to gather 2300 demonstrators to confront the army in Gush Katif (Gaza) before the withdrawal. What an embarassment that would have been were it not for Ben Gvir. He and his gang showed up and got the violence going with a sign visible in the nearby Arab town reading, "Muhammed Is A Pig." If you don't get the provocation, imagine a sign outside your door reading, "Jesus Is A Pig." Predictably the violence started, the army stepped in and to prevent the brutality from spreading, threw out all 2300 protesters, sending hundreds of teenage girls to detention camps for months.

      The Labor and its left wing allies have been thoroughly expunged from Israel's politics, gathering on its best day, perhaps 20% support. But it controls Israel's financial industry and its media. To cover up its vicious and murderous war against the religious and right wing Jews, it needs a vital ally. And inexplicably they have it: their victims.



         Before reading another word, please look at my new lecture on You Tube;

         Trusting someone actually heeded my request, you saw my speech based on my book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust, available at

That book and therefore that lecture would not have been completed without my good friend Rabbi Marvin Antelman, who died earlier this year. His time had come but we had spoken at least once a week for over twenty years. He was my soulmate and my mentor. I'm still alive and the best I can do for you Marvin by way of epiteth, is reprint the admiration I felt for you when we were both younger and in my case, while you guided me, more hopeful:


       In 1932, how many organizations in Germany represented German Jewry? Over 250. In 1933, how many? One, and one only; Labour Zionism. We will return to the significance shortly.

       First, Rabbi Antelman's account continues. To corrupt the Jews, the Frankists adopted, at first, a humane policy of sorts. With Rothschild money and Jesuit power, the so-called Enlightenment was initiated by the German Jewish apostate Moses Mendelsohn. Napoleon was financed to liberate the Jews wherever he conquered* and from Germany, the Reform and Conservative movements were financed to further dilute the faith and introduce totally foreign concepts to their congregations**. But the pace wasn't fast enough. The ornery Jews just weren't cooperating with evil, so those stubbornly accepting Torah morality would have to be removed permanently and only those practising Shabbatainism would be permitted to survive.

        Yes, in the 2000 years of European Jewish history there were pogroms, Crusades and Inquisitions, the latter aided and abetted by the Jesuits. But compared to what happened from the 1880s on, life was a tolerable picnic. The turning point in the final war against the Jews was the founding of Zionism by the Shabbataians. The final aim of the movement was to establish a Shabbataian state in the historical land of the Jews, thus taking over Judaism for good.

        To foment the idea, life had to made so intolerable for Europe's Jews, that escape to Palestine would appear to be the best option. The Cossack pogroms were the first shot in this campaign and for them, the Frankists turned to the Jesuits and their influence over the Catholic Church. The Jesuits had done more to spread communism, beginning with their feudal communes in South America, and now they wanted to punish the anti-papists of Europe by imprisoning them behind communal bars. The deal was simple: The Jesuits provided the Cossacks, the Frankists, the communists. And naturally, the Rothschilds would provide the moolah.

         Once the situation turned foreboding, the German-writing intellectuals took over. In Vienna in 1885, the journalist Natan Birnbaum fired the opening salvo which successfully planted the fast-growing seeds of Zionism. He was followed by another Vienna writer, Peretz Smoleskin, who provided more intellectual justification for returning to a safe home in Israel. However, neither man had the charisma of still another Vienna writer, Theodore Herzl. He could rally the masses as neither of them could and he was chosen to be the spokesman and symbol of the movement.

          Read any honest biography of Herzl and the same quandary appears. Herzl claimed he wrote the Judenstaat one summer in Paris. But Herzl wasn't in Paris when he said he wrote the most influential book of Zionism. It had to have been written for him. Anyone who reads Herzl's dreadful plays, has to doubt his sudden departure from literary mediocrity.

          In 1901, Herzl appeared in Britain where he was not well received. We are told he backed another option, creating a Jewish sanctuary in British - controlled East Africa. If the idea caught on, it would neutralize the Shabbataians' game plan. Herzl died not long after and not one biography of him tells us how. He entered a Paris sanatorium for a not known condition and never emerged. This was highly fortunate for the British Freemasons doing the Shabbataians' bidding, for they replaced Herzl with one of their own, a German-educated Jew named Chaim Weizmann. In time, a cockamamie legend was fabricated involving the Balfour declaration creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine as a reward for Weizmann finding a way to make acetone for explosives from dried up paint. Not one explosion in World War One came from this magic process. But the British took great pains to capture Palestine from the Turks and appoint the leaders of the upcoming Shabbataian state.

           Meeting in London during the War, Weizmann and Balfour had to deal with the problem of the people already living in Palestine, most of whom were religious Jews, who were the majority in such major centers as Jerusalem, Sfat and Tiberius. The myth of an ancient Palestinian Arab indigenous population is belied by any number of reports by visitors as talented as Twain and Balzac, who accurately noted the paucity of Arabs in the land during the 19th century. The later economic success of the new enterprise drew hundreds of thousands of Arabs from as far away as Iraq to the region with consequences the Illuminati were possibly well aware of.

         To neutralize the religious Jews, many of whom had been living in the land since antiquity, Balfour and Weizmann inducted Rabbi Avraham Kook into the fold and after the war, he was appointed the first Chief Rabbi of the enterprise, while Weizmann was made the first head of the Jewish Agency. Kook proceeded to strip the landed Orthodox Jews of their real estate and political rights, while introducing a new concept into Judaism; the purity of land redemption. His philosophy was based on profound historical truth, nonetheless, his followers don't understand how he and they are playing out the Shabbataian nightmare.

         Stage one was complete. Now the real business at hand was revved up. Rabbi Antelman proves that the American President Woodrow Wilson was thoroughly corrupted by the Frankists through their agent Colonel House. It was Wilson who put an end to America's open immigration policy. Until then, despite all their despair, most Eastern European Jews rejected Palestine as an escape route, the majority choosing America as their destination. From now on very few would enjoy that option. It would have to be Palestine or nowhere.

         We now jump to 1933. Less than 1% of the German Jews support Zionism. Many tried to escape from Naziism by boat to Latin and North American ports but the international diplomatic order was to turn them back. Any German Jew who rejected Palestine as his shelter would be shipped back to his death.

          By 1934, the majority of German Jews got the message and turned to the only Jewish organization allowed by the Nazis, the Labour Zionists. For confirmation of the conspiracy between them and Hitler's thugs read The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black, Perfidy by Ben Hecht or The Scared And The Doomed by Jacob Nurenberger. The deal cut worked like this. The German Jews would first be indoctrinated into Bolshevism in Labour Zionism camps and then, with British approval, transferred to Palestine. Most were there by the time the British issued the White Paper banning further Jewish immigration. The Labour Zionists got the Jews they wanted, and let the millions of religious Jews and other non-Frankists perish in Europe without any struggle for their survival.

           But not all Jews fell for the plan. A noble alternative Zionism arose led by Zeev Jabotinsky. He led the Jews in demanding free passage to Palestine and a worldwide economic boycott of the Nazi regime. The Labour Zionists did all in their power to short-circuit the opposition. First, they forced all the German Jews in Palestine to use their assets to buy only goods from Nazi Germany. This kept the regime afloat. Then Chaim Weizmann and his Jewish Agency employed their appointed agents in the US to neutralize Jabotinsky and his followers using any means at their disposal. This culminated in Jabotinsky's suspicious death in New York in 1941. Later, Jabotinsky's most literate advocate, Ben Hecht, was run over by a truck on a Manhattan sidewalk. His crime was being the first to widely expose the Jewish Agency-Nazi plot.

         Into this plot against the Jews we add the Jesuits, who wished with all their hearts, to wreck the land that produced Luther, but the Vatican's role in the Holocaust is not the focus of this overview. We now return to America where the Jewish leadership used all their contacts and resources to make good and certain that the unwanted non-Shabbataian Jews of Europe never again saw the light of day.


* I personally disagree on that point with Barry. Napoleon had many fails but not that one. All his fight was centered against the English Illuminati who acted by financing the Prussians against france at the time and later. He dreamed of an empire void of the Freemason/Jesuitist imperialism but went to such an extreme in wars that he not ended having all (tyrannical)Europe against him but the french people too.

** One can't say in the same sentence that the Jesuits and Rome are guilty of supporting the Nazis and the Protestants had been their instrument.


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