Monday, March 10, 2014


What do rich people need before all to stay or to become rich and richer ?

- Money ?
- Intelligence ?
- Indifference ?
- A strong protection of their interest by the law, the government, the mafia, the army ... ?
- ...

No, no and no.

What they need is other people to be poors.

The more other people will be poor, the richer they'll be.
The more poors there will be, the richer they'll get.
The more divided will be the poor, the richer they'll stay.

Rich people need poor people to exist, to produce their wealth.

And what do they need more than that  ???

They need people poor in mind. The dumber they are, the more ill, the more dependent of drugs whatever drug it is, from hobbies to pride, from vices to passionate behaviour, from 'being a fan of' to collecting material things, the more narrow-minded, the more ready to be corrupted and remaining ignorant, the less love able to provide to your kind, the more selfish and disdainful, contemptuous, scornful, supercilious, the less of a man they are, the more enslaved - freely, meaning not knowing it, and not desiring to become better, as an individual, and as a whole, the best of a robot people are ...

So long !!

nb: for those of you who don't read french, copy it and translate online, no time to do it for u, sorry.

Slavery has never thrived better than during Victorian England, 
slavery has existed since ancient times, 
slavery still concerns at least two third of mankind, 
slavery is killing us while we hide our brains in sand not to acknowledge it is still here, 
slavery is freedom they say, don't they ?

Slavery has been, IS and will always be the main basis of power.
Not money, not trickery, no nothing.
And the worlds leaders, whatever you call them and whoever they are rely on slavery
before all to be or become the powerfuls.

I have had a lenghty talk of a one of the biggest Greek yacht brokers and he just told me
how the British have hijacked the brokerage business leaving him only peanuts
in the last ten years. The Brits are the perfect example of how people enslave others in their
own countries whithout naming it for what it is. All their 'expat' strategy is aimed at accomplishing that aim.
That's also why they were the first to advocate for abolishing official slavery. They prefer to accomplish
their goal by economic takeover under the guise of helping local people and that is exactly the
pretense that is behind all international organizations, as we know it, IMF ...

They are not the only ones and
you could truly add a lot of others but
- the british, in economy, 
- the self-appointed Jews like Rotschilds, in finance 
> AND  their alliance, 
- together with the hidden support of the German industrial expertise, 
- linked with the American military power, 

(if you want to put all those satanic forces in a few words, better than Illuminati, that would be
"the english speaking zio-nazis")

they are the ones who keep the world in a state of delusion:


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