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The organization's goal being international peace, 
there will never be world peace as long as every nation will be armed to the teeth. 

Humanity will never reach peace in preparing for war 
despite all the arguments in favor of such a fallacy.


And not only the armies, including militias, but all research in the military field
AND the global control WAR 
through the environment and the controlled and taxed natural ways  of life,
in all human domains, material, moral  and  spiritual.

What is the role of the world's nations armies ? Protect local wars, civil wars in taking side in a created dialectic. The US army coming first, long before all others. Then, enforcing economic arbitrary rules dictated by all the world's institutions and forums. Last, racing toward a potential world sovereignty. Last of last, protect the Powers That Be locally, all those little kings, bankers, economic leaders, governments, bureaucrats, the evil Mafia of old ...
Does that help us, People ? Do we profit of that or do we actually suffer from this unending state of the world's powers ? Accepting this is keeping one's head in an illusory and depraved reality, a vision of all mankind, of man, yourself first. The answers are clear for the common of us, aren't they ?

Since we are the majority down here, let's show that !! 


France to Expand Military Presence in Africa

See ! China & Japan as many other countries are threatening one another with war upon tiny desolated islands. They don't need the islands except for becoming a pretext to up the need for their armies to grow. Everybody today desires not to wage war, not to invade anyone but to live his life in peace where he is. Armies are ghost of times when people thought the other was different, unknown, threatening, a time when there were kings, clergies and under-classes ... Is it that much different ? No citizen of any country needs an army except to serve the today emperors, whoever they are, and we know most of them, but it is us that do not know ourselves and desire to cooperate for immediate rewards, material corruptions. That must change, we must change and the tyrants will simply vanish because they will become zoological specimen of the evil species that once ruled humanity and tried to destroy earth. But we stopped them, didnt' we  ? Armies are cherished precisely to protect the leaders and the world as they want it and to crash in the egg any revolt against their established order. Armies are not here to fight abroad, in any country, wargames are the show, and if going real, no worry, good for some. 

"Wow ... Mister !" said my daughter to a black cat that meowed to her but wouldn't dare move a briskle to get up and come closer. I then told her I loved cats for their curiosity, their cleanliness, their sweetness and their dignity, the right pride. Dignity comes from two sides: morality & freedom. The feelings that we are born to be kings, all of us, born to be free, to be moral loving creatures just as animals are. The cat is not less a tiger than the real stuff. Dignity tells us that we can be proud of who we are, that we need nothing for that except accepting the reality and being who you are at your best. See in the slums how bright are the colors of the clothes only to show maybe that they too are human beings.

No one wants to be excluded, to be put apart because of who he is naturally according to the place and the time of his life. Every human is entitled to respect, to his part of glory here today, and, each day that passes, the ones who 'have' are owing a debt to those that 'don't'. All of us share this burden, even if unconscious about it, and do not only share it in theory but practically. Because, if the first side of poverty is from a kind of collective inerty linked to an individual low level of morality, and self esteem !, the second is linked to a world that is all from natural and that is managed by people who view others as disposable. 

This second side is not only conspiracy theories, sadly, but each century in the past has had its lot of atocities caused by religious or civilian 'leaders'. The twentieth century has been particularly devastating and has upped the scale of the horrors as did the Vietnam war, to name one. We must comprehend to save our lives as humans that wars have no basis to be and must be banned, that dignity does not come from power over the other but over oneself, that women and children are the ones to show us the Eden which should be the norm instead of our ancestral illusory violent and depraved humanity.

Shall we change ? Shall we leave to the puppets masters the toys they intend to feed us with for our death ? Shall we become 'Human' at least ? They is a saying in Israel that says the Machiah will rise only in a virtuous generation ... Shall we all make him coming ? There is another saying, more than that, that says 'Israel has no ennemy if it obeys God's Torah' (-not the Talmud). How about Israel being the first nation to ditch its army ? Israel would otherway benefit tremendously and 'give a youth' to its children, as would all nations of the world. 

Working laws, Education, wealth retribution, all must be revised together. We and our children are in front of the biggest work never performed on earth by cleaning it of all its old limbos and devising the free tools of the still bright future we have together, maybe not that long if other nuclear accidents 'happen' along with chemtrails and gmo's, pollution, manipulation and destruction, the very processus of official health. Shall we go on dying as rodents in a global lab in front of individual screens ? Hey, this is no supposition, look up, look down, on the sides, this is reality, 'a man's world' ... until now !
One must not DOUBT that he is worth a lot just how he is and, that one's little local action in the right way will impact a lot. Doubt is an illness, a way out of the normal human's state - of mind when about oneself, with reason of course, and the right use of doubt is when you're told will improve x times in the next x years. There you will doubt and answer that cancer is not a fatality and if we want, if we desintox and eat right from pregnancy, cancers will regress unless we keep being sheep for the 'health system'. We, ourselves, must save ourselves and our kids' future now. 

World: 70% more cancers in the next 20 years

30% of deaths linked to comportemental threats

The 12 Year Old Girl Who Silenced the Worldfor 6 Minutes
 ... that was 22 years ago ?!

 Linus Pauling

"WAR IS IMMORAL" he wrote at the top of a draft letter to the first President Bush in 1989. "As human beings, we have the duty to strive to decrease the amount of human suffering. . . . WAR CAUSES HUMAN SUFFERING!" Whether the cause of war was oil or politics, anti-Communism or pro-democracy, did not make much of a difference. He felt at the end of his life the same way he felt in the middle: life is sacred, suffering is avoidable, and war is immoral.

"There came in February the issue of Life saying on the cover "Dr. Teller Refutes 9000 Scientists"... I wrote to Life and said first that Teller hadn’t refuted 9000 scientists and second I felt that they should publish the article that I had written... They sent the article back and said that they didn’t want it and then I offered it to Look. The editor of Look called me and said they couldn’t get into a controversy with Life. Then I offered it to the Saturday Evening Post and the Ladies Home Journal and Readers Digest and none of them were interested in it. And then I thought, ‘What shall I do? I’ll have to write a book and see if I can’t get it published.’"

Linus Pauling

August 24, 1965

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