Friday, January 10, 2014


Well, a small last post on this blog that I can't help publishing due to its prominence.

First, when in Israel we had been confronted last month with an unusual storm that brought more snow in three days than we have had in the last ten years, I noticed that the depression that came from the Mediterranean instead of going on its path suddenlly stopped over us for THREE DAYS !

Since I had been cut for the same three days from electricity, I just forgot about it until I read today an article from that had been previously published on december the 24 which I did record at the time:

Satellite Photos Show Pacific Storms Stopped Cold, Destroyed, 1-9-14
'Radioactive' Pacific Winter Storms Shredded by High Pressure - Pics, 12-24-13

Now, think for a while. I'm not qualified to do an expertise about that but I guess there is a lot to verify in this reasoning.

If somehow, by use of HAARP or any other mean, the PTB are able to freeze the trajectory of a storm over the Pacific by creating a high pressure right on the US' east coast, wouldn't this leave a vacuum over the north of central America and provide a corridor for a low pressure to rush in full speed from the polar circle ?



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