Sunday, August 11, 2013


Assange, Snowden & co do not fight against the 'system' but for an improved version which, though based on more freedom are not against the present 'Masters'. As for the GMO's labelling, you don't argue with the evil. Things are either Good or Evil. You don't talk to tyrants !! Searching for freedom inside an oppressive system is like being a 'free' slave in Rome, or New York a century ago.

"Assange blasts Obama for denying Snowden's role in NSA reforms" is the perfect example of that thought.

Bradley Manning is so proud in his military clothes ...

The question is not if the GMOs must be labeled ... NO GMO should exist, PERIOD !!

One don't fight tyranny by compromising. Tyrants cannot be changed from the inside. People who break inside the system to 'change' it are fakes. You cannot be a racist and be good to your fellow. You cannot want official medicine and be good to yourself. You cannot want BigMacs and be good to the nature.It is one way or the other. It is a CHOICE.

Tyrants give no choice. They must be deposed, dispossessed, let alone to rot from their inside. Like statues of our enslavements, that have been around too long, tyranny must be pulled down. Step by step, collectively by engaging in activities that will entertain the sustainability of our future as humankind.

We know what the game is about and it is time we rules for ourselves, for the good and not the evil. We must put in place the society, the economy, the Natural Valley of the future. Nature is powerful if we go by its side, which is our side, naturally !  We must fight for keeping nature natural, human included.

Alternative news are fine, but while they overtly fight the tyrants, they also stay inside the system, they are a part of the system, the opposite part of the NWO. We must not be interested in negating nonsenses but in creating sense. We must not spend our time and energy in denouncing the Illuminati ploys but innovating a new life outside of Hegelian dialectic.

9/11 is the best proof in the pudding. As well managed as it had been prepared to look like what the mainstream opinion was determined to account for, there was so many side neglects that this event was the perfect breeding ground for conspiracies.

To what avail ? Well, we don't get out of that perfidious Hegelian dialectic, once again. It is better to have people fight pro or against a system than people designing the best way to live together outside of the system. The aim is once again to divide and rule. All the time you fight against the tyrant, you don't create your own reality and neither do you create your own tools to live the way you dream to. You don't teach your children to love life but to hate oppression. You don't take time for true light but waste it to fight apparent, even if real darkness.

As an example, here is a boy who was not only homeschooled until he was 20 AND who grew up outside the 'civilized' world. What does he want to study once he has stepped in the 'normal' world ? Art. Why ? Because he has perfectly understood that civilization as it is equals to slavery and that the only possible freedom in such a sinister theater relies in expressing oneself through the last possible free domain: art.

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