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Until the nineteen sixties, the world was still a quite natural place. The earth was mostly unspoiled and humanity was in a good shape, not discounting the atrocities of mainly the Second World War and the inequalities although these were not much worse than that of the precedent millenaries. Since then, and that is only a mere 50 years, the earth and humanity have been maimed at a supersonic pace.

The world has been subjected to terror, be it military, economical, agricultural or scientific. And what is the first consequence of terror ? The destruction of morality. The two worst examples having been that of Communism and Capitalism. They seem opposed but the results are the same. By providing not enough or too much, people are losing their natural grounds, as flimsy and illusory they were. The masses who are subjected to artificial lifestyles are losing hope and self-esteem and are quickly drowning into vulgarity. They stop thinking for and by themselves; they drop their autonomy, their independence, as miserable as they had been. They become parts of a system that rules by fear and illusion. 

The power of the states and of corporations that support each other is overwhelming. The main goal is to destroy the natural world, both humanity and earth. Natural laws must be changed in order to rule over the new artificial world without opposition from the original world in which freedom is embedded. Nothing wild must survive, even the memory of it. Everything must be patented including all the natural resources, water, air and sunlight; and even genes, human, animal and vegetal, so that no individual can anymore claim to be able to provide himself from nature and live. The natural assets are either bought or destroyed by the ‘masters’. The goal is less to provide for the system than destroying what could be used outside of it. Fracking is the brightest example today. Everyone knows that water is becoming scares but it is wasted by huge quantities to recover problematic oil while the gasses released are polluting phreatic reserves. 

You all know some children who, because they do not want to share a toy or give it to their friends or siblings prefer to broke it so that no one will enjoy it ? Fact is, not only children react like this. I once directed a petrol station in Paris and, when we did the inventory with the precedent owner, at one point, he got angry and told me that if he didn’t get from his goods the right value, he would better not sell anything and, saying this, he broke on the floor in front of me a brand new side mirror. He was 60 years old. Although this is not exactly the same motivation that prompted him to do so as children do, the aim is the same: what is mine is not yours and if I cannot possess it on my own, no one will. The shine of the Golden Calf is not in its gold but in the power it promises to anyone bowing to it, the power of possession. No matter how much you have that grants you a claim to that power, the simple belief that you may be able to grasp a parcel of such a power is enough to make one bend in before it. And, what is the essence of that power of possessing ? It is to feel superior to your fellow. It is the power it gives you to be able to say to your neighbor: “Do as I wish”.

Once one has reached that kind of power over one’s fellow, he would do anything in the world to cling to it. His true treasure is not gold but the feeling of being superior, of being important, of being ‘someone’ as if without it, he would be no one. The avaricious does not adore his gold but the highness he believes that gold has given to his self. He sells his soul to the devil for pride, fake pride but no matter for him, he can show to himself and others that he is superior, that he is worth more than the masses. Societies protects such people, make them even more important, nurture their pride in order to rule by their weakness over the real nature of people that would despise such wrongs and condemn them according to basic sanity and morality. The societal outcomes of such guidelines are egoism, oppression and tyranny. 

By withdrawing man from his natural birthright and by replacing it by an artificial one, the tyrants are able to control anything in life from birth to death. That is the ultimate goal of the Illuminati. Ruling by the sword has never been so much perpetrated in all time as a global objective since it has been done in the last half century. Then, we should ask, how is it possible that there are some people born so much wicked in order to be so evil unto their fellows ? 

When one reads ‘THE LEATHERSTOCKING TALES’ of Fennimore Cooper, the hero, Natty Bumppo shows an unsinkable hate toward the ‘Mingos’. He describes them as the nastiest of all the Indian tribes, the complete antithesis of the Delaware. Later, he will classify in the same way the Sioux as a treacherous people and the Pawnies as their opposite. Is it possible that people are born perfidious while others are born good ? I would briefly say that all babies have the same desire of being honest, helpful and loyal, if that can be said about a small age. What will turn some of them unkind and vicious is the violence they experiment since the womb and right after birth. Offsprings feel the world in which they are born with extreme acuity and their first impressions do determine their core sentiments toward life and their fellows. Children are survivalist just like animals and the vision of their ‘ecosystem’ defines the attitude that they will develop amongst the people they will live with. 

When a new soul appears in a family and a community of fierce fighting adults, there is no possibility for it to grow up with morality in the same way that another soul will do when entering the world in a loving peaceable environment. The first weeks of life shape the person at least until adulthood when reason and experience allow oneself to make decisions and the strength to cling to them. If morality was not in the bottle at birth, it is a long road to discover it and another lengthy trek to implement it. What is the basis of society ? It is not economy, nor politics, nor religion, neither justice. It is morality. It is the ability to help, to share, to honor, to love, to protect. 

There is no doubt in my mind that the first spark of morality in the world came with God’s commandments given to Moses. The first being to become a free people, the following are giving the basis of how to become free after having escaped from man’s slavery. The first of the followings being that of respecting Shabbat because, after having set one free from others’ tyranny, one must escape his own tyranny being that of believing that man is able to rule over oneself. Giving up one day of the week to God is meant to recognize that man’s rule is not supreme. The next commandments are properly moral precepts and there begins the understanding of humanity’s need to base its evolution on moral grounds.

The fact that ‘Jews’ have betrayed ALL of these precepts doesn’t change the fact that they are good, essential and primordial to any attempt in making the world a rightful place apt to a righteous development. Without such an understanding and an accomplishment, mankind reverts constantly to its old demons and falls prey to tyranny whatever the image it pleases to show of itself. 

In our current life, the Two Greatest Threats to Mankind are:

First, the global tyranny imposed and entertained by the occult power of the most wicked people called the Illuminati, and their New World Order that is perverting morality in all counts of social life.

Second, and not the least, the Asiatic countries that are less wicked but whose leaders and populations are submitted to any kind of shame without even the need to encourage them.

The bottom line is that nothing is going to unravel for the best. I’ve grown very pessimistic because people around the world won’t ever get united on the basic values of humankind. The truth movement although focused on more or less the same tyrants to be bashed has not a single point to come together when it comes to what must be the way to create. Always easy to blame everyone, always hard to construct a single common building. Some enlightened people in the West are dreaming of ousting the tyrants, good for them in their mumble bubble. I still acknowledge most of MAN - kind rejoicing around a barbecue, slapping children and women’s faces because they don’t want to hear noise while sipping their beer. MAN - kind is a spoiled nasty boy that don't want morality to rule. MAN - kind is not near by large to espouse the One and Only true source of Natural morality, God, and unite behind His flag. As long as it comes to see what’s wrong, maybe some people agree but when you must decide who will be the leader of a new world, you still have a fight between Allah, Buddha, Bestiality, Barbecue, Barbie, Bitcoin and so on.

The Torah is not what Judaism says about it. The Jewish religion has no more basis in the Torah than Catholicism has in Jesus’ teachings. Both religions have corrupted the source and have used it to grant themselves power thanks to the stupidity of the masses as have done each and every religion on earth. Torah like Jesus cannot be a source of power just because both are advising against it at the very beginning of their teachings. Rabbis and priests are usurpations that will cease to exist for eternity at their death. There is no hell because this idiotic concept does not need to be. People live through their souls for eternity only in the measure of the good they have done in life. If they haven’t done any good, they just don’t live. Darkness is the absence of light and without light, there is no life, here and then.  Religions have built themselves by elevating lies over lies.

The beginning of Torah is the first commandment which is a whole sentence that says what is written as a whole. God is our God BECAUSE He had freed us of a place and a religion of tyranny. Had He not done this, He wouldn’t be our God, He would be no God at all and the world would cease to exist because He would have created it for nothing, He would have betrayed His creation that is embedded with freedom, stones, plants, animals and humans alike, plain and simple. This is a matter of trust and if we could not trust Him, we could not trust each other and there would be no hope to live together. One cannot trust each other if one does not trust in God, the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

Jesus was not the last Jew to perform miracles, it was Eliezer Ben Hyrcanus. At the time, man was still on a high level of trust and faith in God to be able to be a Prophet. Since then, humanity has fallen and, contrary to the common belief of an evolution in mankind, I really think that today’s civilizations are at a lower point than that of any precedent century in history, and still not the lowest … There will always be room to go down the ladder in morality and evil. The main illusion is that all the achievements man has done in social life and technological discoveries are a proof of his evolution. What he does not account is that morality has sunk as much as he has progressed socially.

A 3rd problem is islamist militias but it is not as global as the two I mentioned before even if it already spreads from Africa to Asia, the ME & EU. This threat would be resolved promptly iff the two main ones were suppressed.

There is no hope to reverse the trend and what can be done is to individually try to stay on the surface and educate our children to swim between the trashes in an ocean that has become radioactive. People will no more come together in believing in the same God, they will never unite and dump their illusions and their sins, they just will product more trash and more radioactivity, more wars, from inside the families to the street and the far away countries, more fighting, more immoralities, more egoism, more brutality against the weak, more iniquity toward children and women, more racism and so on. I believe humanity is doomed and will end by destroying itself as it has already begun.

(warning: some shocking images)

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