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Thailand is a destination country for men, women and children who are trafficked for commercial sex and forced labor, including begging. 

India is a source country for men, women and children trafficked for forced labor and commercial sexual exploitationIndia is also a destination for women and girls from Nepal and Bangladesh trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation.  

Nepali children are trafficked to India for forced labor in circus shows.  Indian women are trafficked to the Middle East for commercial sexual exploitation. 

Australia is a destination country for human trafficking from East Asia, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, China, Korea and Thailand

Burmese men, women and children are trafficked for sexual and labor exploitation in Thailand, China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, South Korea, Macau and Pakistan

Japan  is a destination country for women and children who are trafficked from China, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America for sexual and labor exploitation. 

The Kyrgyz Republic is a source and transit country for men and women trafficked from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and South Asia for forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Men and women are trafficked to Kazakhstan and Russia as forced labor in the agricultural, construction and textile industries. Kyrgyz and foreign women are trafficked to the U.A.E, Kazakhstan, China, South Korea, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Thailand, Germany and Syria for commercial sexual exploitation. 

Women and girls are trafficked to the Netherlands from Nigeria, Bulgaria, China, Sierra Leone, Romania and other countries in Eastern Europe for sexual exploitation and forced labor. Men are trafficked to the Netherlands from India, China, Bangladesh and Turkey for forced labor and sexual exploitation. 

Men, women and children from the former Soviet Union and wider Eastern Europe are trafficked through Bulgaria to Western and Southern Europe for commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor. 

Ethnic Roma women and children are highly vulnerable to trafficking.

Bulgarian women and some men are trafficked internally, primarily to resort areas along the Black Sea for commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor. 

The United States is principally a transit and destination country for trafficking in persons, primarily women and children.

red = source country or people - green = destination country



"A government report exposed the case of a Somali girl trafficked into Britain, where human smugglers intended to remove her organs and sell them on the black market, the Daily Telegraph reported. "
"The report claims that the case is a first, but child protection charities say it is unlikely to be an isolated incident since human traffickers were likely to have smuggled a group of children into the country. "
"The countries from where children were trafficked included Vietnam, Nigeria, China, Bangladesh and Romania, the report said. 
Child protection charities have warned that the demand for organ transplants in Britain is being exploited by criminal gangs, who snatch children from target countries and smuggle them into the UK to have their organs harvested. 
"Traffickers are exploiting the demand for organs and the vulnerability of children. It's unlikely that a trafficker is going to take this risk and bring just one child into the UK. It is likely there was a group", said Bharti Patel, the chief executive of Ecpat UK, a child protection charity. 
This comes as the World Health Organization estimates that as many as 7,000 kidneys are illegally obtained by traffickers each year around the world. 

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