Tuesday, June 20, 2017


My take is too simple for the vanity of man. People want to consider themselves at the helm. My opinion is that of infinite humility with one and only choice: join God’s lifeline or get lost. 

Nobody is ready to buy that, even a four year’s old. Human want to consider himself 
as valuable by his deeds, as someone who weight on his own … 

No way, no such thing under the sky, forget about it. 
The only choice is: choose what is, choose life that is embedded in your person, 
because only life set you free. 

Whether one wants to consider himself as an independent creature, he loses all.

I am nothing by myself. Life is all. Man is less than an ant if he doesn’t abide 
by the principle of life. Man owes all from life. 

Nothing exists out its realm. 
Every action, every thought, every move outside life is literally non-existent, illusion.


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