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New World Order v. Old World Order

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One cannot understand the current geopolitical events without asserting the view 
I try to succinctly present in the following text.

Everyone is speaking of the New World Order. Two questions arise about it:

1. Before the NWO, what kind of a power was in charge of the World Order, if any?
2. Is the NWO united ?

The NWO did appear around the nineteen century and it took the shape of different alliances before becoming the one we know. If the French revolution can be considered as the first lever to undermine the pre-existent traditional powers, it is not before the beginning of the 20th century that it morphed into the Anglo-American domination of the world that has been since then the mightiest sheriff of our planet.

Its roots as everyone knows lies in the alliance of the money powers of the German Jews and the military naval domination of the seas by England - that later was translated to the USA. Before that, there was no vacuum in the domination of the people of Europe and the main agent were the descendants of the Franks together with the Catholic Church that lasted one thousand years. All the European kings were family connected and, despite their wars, it was them that ruled the ancient world.

One man tried to erase this force by hijacking the French revolution and fighting both England and the remaining kings of Europe in an attempt to set Europe free from their world views, Napoleon Bonaparte. But he failed because, on this occasion, England financed the armies of the ancient kings to get rid of him.

But this one time alliance between England and the European kings could not last since the goals of the money lenders was to undermine all the European countries in order to reign alone. Then, the European nobility, embroiled in their divisions continued to fight one another, without noticing how much they were helping the British strategy in doing so. The First World War was the first involvement of America on the world stage as a main power that culminated with the Second World War and became on this occasion the main world power that has stayed at the wheel until today.

The Anglo-Saxons have led the world from the First World War and they are what we call the NWO. But, the kings of old together with the Catholic Church never accepted their demise and remained united underground since then. They are what I would call the Old World Order. 

So, to summarize, the NWO now comprises England and the nations of the former British Commonwealth, the Jewish bankers and Israel, the USA and the Sunni monarchies led by Saudi Arabia, Jordan and a few allies like Poland, Japan, and South Korea. The OWO, Old World Order, includes for its part most of European countries, Russia and its allies like China, Iran and the Shiites, Turkey, the Catholic and Orthodox churches although the Catholic authorities are divided much like Italy on the subject.

The NWO despite their success has made several mistakes, some planned but others not. Nazism was their creation meant to defeat the last European king as well as putting Europe on its knees after the Anglo-American victory. That succeeded. But, the overtaking of Russia by communism failed to remain directed by them and they had to plan their first culture change to get rid of it. What they did not manage to achieve was keeping the Russian federation under their boot. Russia became independent and turned back to its old European Christian roots while it moved to regain the second military power it had when it was the USSR.

One can also differentiate them on their principles that are, for the NWO the desire of a global hegemony based on commercial domination and ideas/cultural hegemony (Orwell like) and for the OWO industrial mastery laced with state preponderance.

Meanwhile too, the European countries got more and more angry to remain dependent of the Anglo-Saxon NWO and jumped on the occasion of the renewal of Russia on its old basis to begin secession from the NWO. That is precisely what we are witnessing today. Brexit was an effort from the Anglo-Saxons to regain their independence from the European countries that, on the example of Russia, have a desire to manage themselves the European power. Trump’s election was another card from the Anglo-Saxons to try a less aggressive policy with the Old World Order rising from its ashes, but to no avail.

The NWO is now moving to fortify its assets and regroup as much as it can as we can see in the incredible new talks between Saudi Arabia and Israel. The NWO monopoly is definitely broken and we can expect growing conflicts between the two factions, especially this year that is the hundred year’s anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. We should not expect Britain and America to let go their slightest assets and, in this perspective, the war in Syria might become incredibly awful until it could lead to a Third World War mostly because the NWO has no time waiting that Russia’s military become more powerful day after day.


"Intriguingly, Mr Macron's comments came just hours after Wolfgang Schäuble, the powerful German finance minister, sent out an identical message – saying the UK would find “open doors” in Brussels if it decided not to leave the EU."

Trade talks between Israel and Saudi Arabia mark a historic first

"Moscow is still waiting for an explanation from Washington about the downing of a Syrian warplane, the Russian Foreign minister has said after talks with his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian."

"There is currently no viable alternative to Bashar Assad to prevent Syria from turning into a failed state, the new French president has said, departing from his predecessor’s position that the Syrian leader must be toppled to stabilize the war-torn country."

As a final thought, 

- no one seems to understand that the slogan of Obama's election could have been identically the same for Trump: "Change we believe in".

- just as no one seems to understand what I tried to explain above, yeah, really no one, although it looks quite simple and obvious !!

Now, let me answer to that poor guy named Andrew, the first comment on Makow's site:

First Comment by Andrew

Avi Gleitzer's summary of history is intriguing, because he asks the right questions. I'm not convinced there ever was an Old World Order. Today, world domination is based upon Anglo-American supremacy of three industries (energy, munitions and drugs) and its mastery of psychological warfare.

1000 years of domination from Kings and Clergy is not a World Order … Gosh, if not, what is !!

Wrong again, the two levers of Anglo-Saxon’s domination are, one, money power and commercial control and two, army technology. Rest is blablabla.

F William Engdahl asks the same questions in his new book, The Lost Hegemon. He concludes Anglo-American supremacy is fading fast to be replaced soon by a multipolar world where China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, South Africa and Brazil will increasingly counter-balance Anglo-American hegemony.

My boy, speak in your name before bringing third party, especially of the kind of Engdahl, a self-applauded pundit who’d better plant carrots.

WW III is not an option, because nuclear deterrence will prevail and bring leaders of the world to their senses. Lost hegemony temper tantrums are just not an option.

Uh ! bring to their senses people who kill their own population like in 9/11, who destroy entire civilian nations like Indians or Yemen or Vietnam, short memories and ignorance if you bring in the picture Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the Nazis’ 2nd WW …

Lost hegemony temper tantrum

Tell that to my dog but not to a Rockfeller, a Rotschild, a Bush, a Hillary …

Conclusion: Total idiocy, thanks. Next ?

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