Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Britain, USA and their allies, mainly, Sunni terrorists, Israel, Saudi-Arabia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan … are spraying the world with filth: arms, wars, poisons, prostitution, drugs, viruses, corruption, illusions …

It is the alliance between their governments and corporations with the bankers’ money. The people of these countries are complicit, actively and passively, either by working for them or by accepting the results.

More and more, the people are turning idiot because perpetrating or accepting crimes is erasing the soul of its innocence, of its ingenuity. Little by little, people are becoming more complicit, more passive until they become zombies.

All the Eastern people already are and have been apathetic somehow by nature. Africa has remained until today bogged down by its traditions of individual violence and idol worship. Europe is doomed by its thirst of material life, the continent of bourgeoisie. South America is drowned in its recklessness and North America by its vanity.

Humanity, while evolving from peasantry to city dwellers has lost the proximity, the respect of nature to fall into the trap of so-called civilization that turns out to be a world of insanity, of despair. The powerful have seized the trend to exacerbate it and make it unavoidable, both by outside force and by inside desire since nothing else remain from the natural human being in our twisted world.

Taught history does not reflect the hijacking of humanity and the majority of people believe that the desperate world we live in is a natural result of evolution. So no one knows what to do against that path and, even if someone proposes ideas to change it, they won’t accept them because they are persuaded all is normal.

But no, man is not confined in error. Error is not human, contrary to the saying. Error is the result of forgoing one’s nature and the studying of what must be done to evolve on a right path together with the transmission of real knowledge by good men and women, by elders. Unfortunately, it may take a week to become fat but a decade to lose it. Same for immorality. It is easy to perpetrate a crime but it takes a long long time to redeem it, if possible.

But, nothing is sealed forever and the power of the powerful could be taken down quickly. The only question is: are people able to replace it with good deeds and not with terror as had been the case following the French revolution ?

This is why, when you want to change something, you should not fight against it but work to create the contrary, and become slowly but permanently the opposite of what you hate by leaning toward the right behavior, by learning the good habits, by thinking positively. The day enough people will reveal themselves to be what they hope to, the change will become possible durably and the occasion to throw down the evildoers will not be lost.

However, there is so little hope …

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