Monday, September 05, 2016


The Globalism and the world as we know it may be living its last days. A big financial crunch is looming and, at a time we reach a presidential election in the US, and a particular one because both candidates are laughable puppets, the event of an economics collapse makes sense to save the next former first world power to crumble alone in the dark. Globalists love big theater, somptuous effects as long as they remain far from them.

Actually, a world economic crisis is hanging over us all, if not a third world war. Now what ? The possible of both outcomes may be the most sinister of all times. Should we wait still and dumb ?

There are for some years around the web - of informations - such theories named conspiracies. Since no truth remain hidden for ever, these conspiracy theories are proving one after the other quite real, and justified, so that so most of the crimes and wars commited in the twentieth century, and the beginning of the twenty first can now be renamed as not being 'natural events' but plots mastered by some people to keep an increasing power above all.

Because of the millions of death inflicted, of crimes supported and of mayhem commited, should we not, you and I and all the normal abiding honest people ask for the ones responsible to account for their crimes against humanity before it is to late and we wake up one morning in a general chaos under thousands balls of fire (and crickets as say Orlov) ??

I sincerely believe that we know enough to stop the coming Mad Max world in the egg and reclaim a new Nuremberg Tribunal for those guilty of crimes against humanity,

and NOT 

Such "theories" are ( incomplete list as that of references):

- 9/11 :           Scientific Study: Towers Collapsed Due To Controlled Demolition
- Chemtrails : U.S. Air Force Admit That Chemtrails Are Real And ‘Useful’

- Vaccines/autism : District Attorney Nico LaHood: “Vaccines Can & Do Cause Autism”
- Kids :  Govt Exposed for Forcing Foster Kids, Even Toddlers to Take Dangerous Psychotropic Drugs

- Cholera in Haiti : United Nations: Bill Clinton Responsible For Haiti Cholera Outbreak

- Cancer :   Industry Insiders Say Cancer Makes Too Much Money To Cure
    "     "      UK Gov Report Says Chemotherapy Kills Over 50% Of Cancer Patients
    "     "      Chemotherapy Is Killing Up To 50% Of Cancer Patients
- ADHD :  Top Neurologist Says ADHD Is A Fake Disorder

- Floods :  Geoengineering: Louisiana Floods Were Man Made
- Eugenics : Monsanto – World Leader in the Promotion of Infertility

- Drinks : PepsiCo Admits Their Soda Contains Carcinogens – Still Expects You to Drink It
- Animals : The Beloved Orangutan is Being Wiped Out by Corporate Greed

(most articles and many pictures from :  

Instead on adding article links, let's add subjects, as far as I know them but surely there are more I miss here:

- For Nazi handlers like the Bush ancesters, and the casting of Anglo-American sponsors and advisers of the Third Reich, my best source is
 - Same source for Feminism and family destruction
- Eugenism
- Poisons added to food and water : fluorid, BPAs, heavy metals, antibiotics, GMOs, ... :
- Dangerous medecines : For Vaccines & Autism,
- Air pollution, including electric signals
- Nuclear pollution and threats
- THE ARMY in each & every country, and arm factories
- Diverse health problems & big pharma threats :

Unfortunately, most of our last history of crimes has been concocted according to a master plan and we know the criminals. They are those who profit of that, be they top industrialists, financiers, CEOs, elected officials - ministers, presidents, generals ... -, and many others.

Former Kissinger CEO Says The World Is Run By 30 Families

Many of those involved should be tried for having been the handlers of the Nazis,
first and foremost !!!


Now, I tell you what we need :

Like the Hebrews fleeing a land of tyranny, a 'House of Slavery', we need to race away from the city centers, claim land and build small communities. Today, that would be easy with solar power, solar hot water and all the tech available to become 99% autonomous.

                  "The situation Americans face in the future will be nothing like anything 
they have experienced in the past.  
While we have seen old footage and heard stories 
about the Great Depression (starting in 1929), 
we have no idea how bad things really were during the 1930's.

At that time, approximately 25% of the American population were farmers.  
Thus, when things really got bad, folks in the cities could move out 
and stay with their families or relatives on the country farm.  
This is not an option for most Americans today 
as only 2% of the population are farmers and ranchers" (source)

see:  Acciaroli's longevity secret
        Documentary Investigates Family Farming Practices Around the World
        Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

        Indian Farmers Debunk Myth That GMOs Are Needed To Feed The World
        Factory Farm Meat: Why Vegetarians, Ranchers, and Conscious Omnivores Need to Unite
        Documentary Reveals the Joys and Struggles of Being an Organic Farmer

        How Grazing Cows Can Save the Planet, and Other Surprising Ways of Healing the Earth
        Our Impoverished, Pathological Society
        Italian earthquake: Corruption? Maybe. It's worse

        A Dog Is Re-Elected Mayor For A Third Term, Proving Politicians Are Useless
        Sorry for Being a Debbie Downer
        (read first comment)

People, people,
remember who "they" are, what "they" want,
"they" don't sleep and, everyday,
our brothers, sisters, children are



wars, abuses, illnesses, prisons, drugs, prostitutions, 

something, anything, a lot or a little, but
to reverse the stream
individually and all together

!! NOW !!

Sure, they're in a 5star residence, aren't they ??!

and last, remember as used to say Joseph Ehrlich, 
there's one thing "they" are definitely afraid of ...

The Guillotine, that is, 
us all united:)

Let's provide them with a horror movie in which they will be able to be the stars ...

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