Monday, September 05, 2016

DEAD MEN MOVE FAST (+ Putin's dream)

Things are accelerating.

If we don' wake up NOW, we might very well wake up with hands more enchained than they are and this is why.

The globalist are crumbling, right now, NOW.

 The USA, flagship of Globalism is retreating in freefall !!
Humiliated by China, Obama's plane's missing staircase, Phillipines' president insults, Iran's fast boats in the straights of Hormuz, Europe's refusal of the TTIP, Russia's steadfast and winning, on multiple counts and much more .

If you believe all that comes by chance, forget about it. That was Obama's maintask !!! Pulling the Globalist thing to the edge until it breaks, yes man, like 9/11 and other scandals that are coming to surface ... again !! not by chance.

The PTB have gathered all they wanted, more arms sales, more police state, more money for their affiliates, more wars, more illnesses, more discontent to crush, more dehumanisation of the society, of schools, of food, more evil.

Now, they'll bifurcate to plan B and keep on managing their assets locally with even more power over the masses all the more frightened and divided than ever.
What will succeed will be a multipolar world, the very one many dream about, but ...

Every government earth wide has enforced its police, its weapons, its overseing capabilities. Cameras are everywhere, in cities, on streets, at parking enters, at airports and train stations, heard of the "internet of things", and the Pokemon tracking, and everything we don't know.

There are probably means to keep control over mobs, ultrasounds, whatever ...
Don't sleep !!

These are some signs of that, think about it !!!

Germany's imperial army to build New German European Order

Israeli PM Netanyahu considering Putin’s offer to host Palestine talks in Moscow
Philippines leader calls Obama 'son of a bitch' rejects lecturing from US on human rights

UK Soldiers Offered Shopping Vouchers To Recruit Friends Into Army
‘World Governments Are Preparing For Disaster & War’ Warns Green Beret

CDC To Be Given Powers To Detain Citizens En Masse For Any Reason, Any Time
Obama Secretly Extends 9/11 “State of National Emergency”
Hollande extends state of emergency

  The Power of “Nyet”

* that remains to be seen because it is a last poker card of the Anglo/American European puppets to keep the game in their sleeves = Merkel, Hollande ... But they are a minority now and except through a coup d'état, they will give their turn to the Powers That Be that ruled before them, what I call the "Old-NWO", the nationalists aligned with the Vatican & Russia.

In all cases, don't bet too much on Putin because his one and only dream is to become the next World Order chief, the "Old-NWO" grand master. American cowboys shoot faster than their shadow but Russian are chess masters.

If we don't do something big now and together, time will let them consolidate their power under a more hidden face than ever, beware beautiful people ... and there will never be a Nuremberg 2.0 meaning we will become more enslaved than we are today, even if it appears the contrary.

My goodness, scrub your brains for once !!!

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