Thursday, September 22, 2016


Thomas Terrill, 38 yo 

This is not a list since the page would be too short by a long shot. Just remember, or learn that, Hitler & Nazism was an A.S. creation, as was USSR and communist China, as was 9/11, as Irak, Lybia, Kosovo, Abu Ghraïb, Guantanamo - modern versions of the 19th infamous pontoons, and nearly 99% of the last century crimes.

But one is running under our very eyes and that is Yemen obliteration at the hands of Britain, the USA and their proxy Saudi Arabia :

....... the full list is much longer !

Money = Morality

..........and that's only contemporary war crimes, I mean, proxy-war crimes because most of the "wars" the A.S. initiate are not Wars.

Thus, if one adds 'Civilian crimes', day to day crimes, and not only crimes but illnesses, but oppression, but brutality, but top down corruption, lies, treason, all done in Jesuitical style, with Italian black glasses and an amaretto, the amount skyrockets !!

Think wrong food, wrong medecines, wrong fitness, wrong entertainment, wrong works, wrong medias, wrong teachers, wrong everything, wrong ourselves.

Mac-That and Mic-Mac are in a boat (not fishing), "MT: - Who will be our next victims ? MC: - as usual, the one we love most !".

That is not to say the rest of the world is perfect, but the others, except the Arabs ( that is why there is such a successful cooperation between Muslims and the Hawks. Since their goal is similar, they share the costs between sharing the cake, that is already the case with many Arab regimes or Isis like "opponent liberators"), do limit the action of their warlords inside their territories, like the 'Old-NWO' which, on a Jesuitical model, extands only on pre-conquered territory.

famous jesuits ...

Eastern people are either not known for their pity, and Latinos like Africans for their respect for foreigners. Well, I speak of trends, mostly, and the leading machines of these people who, individually are not societal types but people who share a burden, just as you and me ...

But hey ! You know what ? Places like Cuba, where people have been deprived of all luxury, all superfluous for decades have turned themselves into pretty good people, no ? *

* "I will now demonstrate how even years after the collapse of 1989 people in Eastern Europe see how mistaken they were to “throw the baby out with the bathwater”. 
Even after all the years of Western propaganda many people today see the truth:” The people who have lived both under Socialism and Capitalism give their answer to the various bourgeois and petty bourgeois unhistorical slanders. Various polls in former Socialist countries prove that the majority of people, in Russia and Eastern Europe, think that life was better before the counter-revolutions and the restoration of Capitalism. 
Under Socialism their major problems had been solved: Free education, free healthcare for all, social security, jobs, free vacation and holidays for everyone, etc. 
The restoration of Capitalism brought an unprecedented barbarity in almost every sector of public life: Social inequalities, unemployment, privatization of major public sectors from healthcare to education, etc.
On March 2016, a survey conducted by the All-Russia Public Opinion Center (VTsIOM) showed that:
More than half of Russians (64%) would vote to maintain the Soviet Union if a referendum were held today." 

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