Wednesday, November 15, 2017


... ne vous déplaise, docteur Feelgood !!

What is the engine of progress among living creatures in general and human beings in particular ?
Is it peace, a convenient environment, intelligence, money, … ?
Well, a little of all these but the root of progress lies in the intra-species ability of learning from one another.
But not only learning facts, knowledge, skills but the way to react to events, the time to pause, the particular behavior motivated by situations and dictated by experience and personal feeling.

And, for individuals to benefit from that permanent moving treasure, people need to be themselves, to be free.
As soon as natural beings become “domesticated”, they stop learning original material dictated by life, from one another, but only process recycled ways of behaving according to general diktats of the many institutional thinking, mass deception, mind control.

The only problem is that, mind control does not originate in so-called masters of the world, and their minions, as conspiracy theorists advocate but in the people themselves that long to feel a collar around their neck. Being a free man is somehow scary, isn’t it ?

What is domestication ? It is the trade of liberty for security and shelter. This is better named servility. This is what people vote for , no matter the color. People love masters like dogs love people. It has become a need, “it” has become a norm, it is an idolatry, a destructive one for souls.

Domestication on the other hand separates from nature which is the former master. Natural life is the antinomy of domesticated life. A free and normal being has to answer to nature. Nature is always on alert, awakened, ready to act. A domesticated being is ready to re-act at its master’s sign, that is, follow its basic profit in the abstract world it has sunk into, voluntarily must be added.

The symbol of the domesticated man is the “Bourgeois”, and even the ‘Bourgeois gentilhomme’ of Moliere. But this is what people are world round … WE ARE THE DEEP STATE !!!  “We”, not ‘Them’, or together if you will. And a terrifying one by the way, a state where every other individual is a possible enemy, a Swiss at best, who will stay on the side peeping . Man has domesticated himself for being able to say he's superior of ...

Alpha Blondy, Natural Mystic


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