Thursday, November 16, 2017



A Happy Factory Snap:

Happy Citizens of the Popular Republic of China are free because they work together for the common good, for the State, their State. They have become free thanks to the Cultural Revolution that had set the factories up and brought the first batch of free workers to the newly built cities. 
The Emperor has gone, so the peasants. The Empire of the Middle has become the Nostril of Good-s. Yes, today, good is goods …

Cut the link between China and the World … It dries out. Nothing on the shelves, nothing in the belly. The stomach EMP. Knocked down. But don’t worry. Soon in China, no more workers. Still happy but no more a workman but an owner, a ‘Bourgeois’. This is the light, this is the dream, this is the Champs Elysees, this is the Triumph arc of a people of workers, same old Cartago applauded by the people.

Just ask them, uh ? Those on the picture for instance …

Man can be superior to only one thing, himself.


 Did I not hear there was governments in all places where those few pics were shot, that these so-called governments were, at least theoretically, the will of the people ?

Read again: The Will of the People.


That was 147 years ago, in a 'civilized' country where those 'that' had were eating St Petersburg's caviar. At the time, there were still salmons in Brittany. That was a mere 81 years after the french revolution ... And if you go before that "turning point", the same was prevalent in every countryside where a stupid landlord made the rules. Most of them could not write and they delegated their powers to a tyrannical intermediary. Before that, well, same story over and over again where authority was granted to people with power. 

Delegating equals to oppressing. Commerce for becoming rich, as did the Anglo and the Dutch Eastern India Companies could not be done without oppressing both the country pillaged as well as the country of arrival. Both places were, and still are on the top of oppression, and manage such. And there is not a head of state, not speaking of those that are heavily invested in trade and finance, who is not granting authorizations, laws to companies for their pillaging of people's wealth, and of natural wealth, and of moral wealth, and spiritual. Vampires.


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