Wednesday, September 27, 2017


will be just as what has been ...

If anything comes to erase the US power, any disaster, either natural or man-made at that, China will become all of a sudden the first world power economically because only China can feed the world with the material goods it needs since the world's industry is there and nowhere else.

In such a case, Russia will hang on the Kremlin the military's sheriff star and, like China, no one else.

Then, since they will need to take on the Middle East from its former master, they, China and Russia will have to find a reason to confront Israel and for that purpose, the palestinian card is ready in advance.

That day will come sooner than later and when it happens, well, just guess ...

remember Barry Chamish z"l 
and his words about the Orthodox church as the strongest foothold 
in Jerusalem and what it means ...

The Orthodox church that 'sanctify' Russia's war vessels 
at their launch.

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