Sunday, August 27, 2017


There are 3 types of slavery: Familial, Societal & Institutional.

When the 3 are combined, this is what you get:

Humanity is and has always been made of idolaters for 99.9999999 ...% of its population.

Idolatry is the main disease of mankind.

Idolatry is responsible for ALL the crimes committed in the past, present & future.

Humanity has been forewarned of that by God Himself but none has listened, and certainly not those who claim themselves to represent the very God Who tried to save us by His words (Exodus 20/1-2) and actions.

Nothing except wrongs comes out of man save his understanding of Exodus 20/1-2.

The 2 first words (of the Ten) are the sole and definitive answer of Etienne de la Boetie's quest about the Why of Voluntary Servitude.

In summary, why men are slaves ?
Not because there are tyrants,
but because they are idolaters in the first place.

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