Friday, April 07, 2017


Trump is turning around in Syria. It looks like higher interests than being faithful to his ticket are at stake for America, and what the hell could they be except rallying around the soon to be hundred years old Balfour agreement ?  

And behind that, taking orders from the old lady, Goddam ! England is hated in many places in the world more than America, suffice to say, and what I call the Old World Order is reclaiming a better place in the electric sun, beginning with Gibraltar, going on with many EU places like Scotland. At a time when India is looking east, or north, Britain, which is not precisely at ease, can decide for itself,  thanks to Brexit, and the word is war. Will the war averted with Clinton come back even sooner ?

Mafia wars are the longest and this is what it is at the core: mafia thugs competing against one another at the highest level and buying adrenalin with their power. Whoever they are, and from whatever side, they are disturbed maniacs that should not be where they are. But ‘the people’ likes war, and when it doesn’t have one, it plays virtual war-games, on the screen, in the street, at work, at home. What to do ?

The two apparent leading World Order bosses are kind of bulls aren’t they ? But Trump like Putin is only following orders in the matrix game that will remain as long as there will be pawns to be bought for material gains. Well, Americans, you’ve been fooled again. Will that U-turn remain unanswered ? And generally speaking, how many thousands years humanity will let the tyranny rule ???


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