Saturday, April 08, 2017


They are called Migrants, they become illegals but they are just Nomads.

The countries from where they come from desperately need the know-how, the expertise, the technological knowledge of the West, their goal.
And those countries have protected that knowledge since the beginning to take the lead and stay away from the "rest of the world".
This must change.
And more so that the West is a decaying entity, a dying mammoth, ill from that very isolationist policy.
Dead of Vanity.

The young nomads, because most of them are young, want to learn, to work, to know enough and come back as useful men, as builders of a dream, of their own country, for peace and prosperity.
The West must help, if not for them, for its own sake.
The West has everything to gain.
There are many places with no life in Europe and America, even in China ! Places where Nomads could come for a few years, learn a language and a skill while running a project together to bring life to the place they live in EU or America.

I know two examples. One in south Italy, the northern suburb of Pescara, Montesilvano, (pics), and the other is Titusville, Florida.
Empty buildings, closed commercial centers, desert beaches and poverty.
This can change thanks to the Nomads.
The code word is SHARING. We must share the earth, know one another.
This is the way to get out of the pit humanity has fallen into, the pit of hate and violence, of crime.
Nomads fall into Islamism because they are rejected.
The West fall into Nazism because the governments reject the people they are supposed to serve, the needy, the nomads.

That must change.

There are also rows of empty buildings, resorts, all around the Mediterranean sea, especially in Greece !

Let me introduce you to two Nomads who happened to be my neighbors. Two brave hearts. Camara, on the left, was born in Guinea and sent to Egypt in his twenties to study Coran. But he went to a french school where he failed to get a letter from a french university to enter it. He then went to Greece to pick up oranges and make money to go to France and study. But he remained struck in Greece and lived miserably. Meanwhile, he converted to Catholicism and just a month ago, he managed to get a job in the Vatican !! As a door opener ... He has learned alone to speak and read Soussou, Arabic, French, English and Greek ! He is 48 now. What he suffered most all those years, he told me, was loneliness.

On the right is a young Pashtun guy, coming from Afghanistan and going back to Italy where he was before after Calais.

The other side of the picture is to deplete Africa with its most hopeful youth and rid it of its adventurous youth in order to enslave it easier with Islam, more so that Syria's jihadists are now
becoming unemployed ...

What we need is not only the eradication of Globalism but together the suppression of Nation States. People are different and yet, not enough advanced morally and spiritually to understand and apply sophisticated principles although such principles could be enforced with advantage under scrutiny. Because, if the Globalism represents the power of money and trade, Nation-States represent the power of the military in the name of patriotism. And that very patriotism is the most terrible emanation of the force that is preventing humanity to progress, the spiritual force of gravity, the desire to have it all alone no matter what others have.

One should understand also that wars, immigrants, conflicts are tools to justify borders and armies. Yes, people are different but not in relation with borders. What humanity needs is only regional councils but no armies = no wars. Nonetheless, if it would be easy to boycott the globalists and stall their agenda (if only we would boycott their products), it is more difficult to get rid of the old guard of Nation States’ tradition because it is us that support it ! Just think of that, it is easier to put the sword in the hands of the executioner than killing oneself the animal before eating it, and the animal is, you bet, us. Well, again, if we would, things could be far away from the present distress.

Just over 200 years later, these business ideals, which have stood the test of time, are now under threat by despotic regimes that are resistant to common decency. These regimes pose a threat to our international corporate values.” 
Evelyn Rotschild

NO STATE, NO BORDER = War against the govt that supports businesses’ rule,
and war against the businesses that support govt’s rule = BOYCOTT !!

Boycott the business’ products, 
boycott the govt’s repression system, army, police, education, sanitary…

This one pic is from Patras, a decaying factory where
Nomads find shelter while trying to get to Italy under
a truck ...

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