Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Greece minimum salary: under 25 = €.510, above = €.586
Independant worker      : for €.1000 earning = €.280 net in the pocket, 72% taxes.
(see: the Neo-Poor Greeks, Greeks will have to declare to tax office even cash below €.100 !

In France, 4 organic lemons = €.3,00
In Greece, 1 kg of natural lemons = €.0,80

not 'organic' BUT NATURAL !!

Greek people are one of the last societies on earth who have remained humans, and are able to live together with few earnings.

Bad example my friend.

Pour upon them interests, debts, refugees, break those people who dare being human beings where all the rest are either slaves, eithers robots.

"So I would have looked for my country a happy and tranquil republic whose seniority should be lost somehow in the mists of time, which would have experienced abuses only to manifest and strengthen in its inhabitants the courage and the love of the country, and where citizens long accustomed to a wise independence hand were not only free but worthy of being so. "
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

People here have no cash.

In France, when you go to a supermarket and have to pay €.150.02, you got to pay the 2 cents no matter what and they will be more pleased to get from you those 2 cents than the €.150.

I just bought a bottle of beer at the local supermarket that costs €.1.52. I took my change out of the pocket, begin to give one fifty and took a twenty cents coin for the next 2 cents I owed but, with a smile, the cashier tells me, 'It's ok' and gives me the ticket.
Guess why !

Today is a general strike and all is closed except a few gas stations and main supermarkets. Even the dogs are on strike, believe me or not. In France, at the door of in town supermarkets, you usually find some beggars, with dogs. Here, the dogs themselves stand all week at the door. Eh !!

Don't expect the churches' bells to tell you what hour it is. They ring when the priest feels it fine to do so. No automatic bells. No pollution, no chemtrails, few industries, few cars, and a persistent smell of wood smoke.

Proud people, with empty pockets but yes, proud to be human beings, as per Rousseau's statement of his ideal country he would chose  to live in.

See those buildings on the beachfront ? They are ALL empty !

And yet, since a month I am here and traveled some 300 miles by bus and been in four different towns, I 've still got to see my first greek policeman !
But my feeling is that Greeks are tired, they have few ressources left, and the youngs tend to expat themselves.
Agriculture is the only export along tourism ...

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near Corynthe, april 2016

Vasil, shepherd
40 years around, coming from Albania

cats coming to the dogs for the daily news ...

your humble servant ...

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